Monday, September 15, 2014

Stencil Girl THE BOOK Blog Hop!

Here is project that didn't make it into the book.

Mod Squad, inspired by Seth Apter.

Cutting Mat and craft knife
Contact paper or Freezer paper, tape
Sharpie Marker
Acrylic paint, foam sponges or dauber tools, brushes
Stencils, rubber stamps
Canvas Panel
Gel Medium, glue brush

1. Tape the contact paper or freezer paper down to your cutting mat.
2. Using the Sharpie Marker, draw funky shapes in the middle of the contact paper. Be sure and leave a framework around the edges and don't allow the individual shapes to touch each other. 
3. Cut the shapes out from the background. Save both parts.

4. Use either the shapes or the background on top of interesting text pages and stencil over top of them using acrylic paint. You don't need to remove the backing from the contact paper. The stencil tool is a foam dauber.
5.  Place the mask on top of the canvas panel so that it is blocking out parts of the panel (I removed the sticky backing so it would lay flat, this part is optional depending on whether you want to use this mask again). Spread acrylic paint across a rubber stamp using your sponge and stamp on top of the masked area. Repeat several times to get desired look.
6. Cut out shapes that you previously painted and consider assembly options. Play with the pieces as though they are puzzle and figure out different ways to arrange them.
7. Collage the paper parts onto your substrate using Gel Medium. Continue to layer by alternating between stenciled areas (the x's) and collage parts. 

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Prize: One lucky winner will receive Stencil Girl The Book with exclusive bookmark stencil and (3) 6"x5" stencils designed by Mary Beth Shaw.
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Monday, August 25, 2014

Viva Las Vegas & StencilGirl Blog Hop

Before we start, keep in mind that I was humming Viva Las Vegas the entire time I wrote this blog. Since it is now stuck in my brain, I thought it should also be stuck in yours. See how I am?
These are the stamps I got from Via Las Vegas. They were all on one sheet and I cut them apart, but I probably won't mount them, I tend to be comfortable just grabbing them without a block and they work just fine. The quality and depth of rubber is terrific; these are well made stamps.
I started  on a blank journal page, this is one I had done with left over paint from another project, I had simply brayered it onto the page and added the white dots at the bottom. So it was ready for embellishment.
First up, I added several pieces of collage from my hand painted stash. You can see that I used Cascading Leaves stencil and Words to Live By, gluing them both down with my trusty Uhu glue stick. 
I used the largest filigree stamp in the upper left corner. This is a really gorgeous stamp and would enhance any piece of art, I think I will be using it a lot. The other collage parts are from napkins plus a strip of Washi tape.
This shot shows another stencil, Half Moon Slant. This stencil is one of my go-to regulars - I love how it creates a linear yet also organic border and the black helped to balance the piece. I enhanced the napkin parts with my Posca Paint Pens. 
But it needed a little something, hey, what about a bird!?! And yes, that was the perfect touch, a songbird from the Songbirds stencil. I am really happy with this quirky little page, see how I snuck another word in......Forget, from the StoryTime stencil. It had been a rough week for me, so my little bird will hopefully help me move on to better things. 
Hope you enjoyed this quick little step out. To follow along on the Blog Hop, here is the list for today:

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Make sure you check back with StencilGirl Talk every day this week, so you can see all the projects. And be sure and leave your comments each day so you can be entered in the give away.

Monday, August 18, 2014

StencilGirl and Eileen Hull Inspiration Team Blog Hop

I met Eileen Hull through Maria through the internet, then finally in person at CHA this year. She is quite the dynamo, that girl has so much talent and energy she just blows my mind. And the things she designs!
At any rate, she sent me this Bird House, which is from a die cut she designed. The world of die cuts is intriguing to me and I can't even fathom how her brain must work since she designed this in a flat format yet it folds up to make something so darn cute. I used some painted paper to collage the birdhouse and the roof. Doing the roof I created a problem for myself (don't I always!?!?!?) when I folded it and the paper split. Uh, not what I had in mind

But since improvisation seems to be my middle name, I made it work and embellished the final project with my paint pens. All I need is a bird and I am good to go!

Next up are the rubber stamps Eileen sent. She has a good handle on what I like (!) because she picked this completely awesome set for me (thanks, Eileen!!) that I used on a journal page.
These stamps are super nice, excellent quality and I love the versatility. Here is my journal page before and after I added the stamped section.
I especially like how the stamp frames up my mystery handwriting. See, here's the thing......while it is ok in the "before" picture, I was bothered by the fact the writing was essentially the same size as the square/circle section, see what I mean? Not good design. By adding the 'frame', I think the "after" picture is more complete. I also added more stamping down at the bottom to give that area more weight.
Thanks, Eileen, for the chance to play with some of your toys, I like them a lot :)

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Stencil Girl The Book

After I wrote Stencil Girl, I kept thinking of more and more projects involving stencils, I swear, it is like I have a disease (slaps self in head). At any rate, here is one of my 'extra' projects. 
The Copper Button Keeper
inspired by my friend Leighanna Light's beautiful work which is in the book
Piece of Copper
Novacan Black Patina
Matt Medium
Stencil, foam dauber
Q-tip or foam brush
Small canvas
Gel Medium (for glue)
1. Assemble copper, canvas and a stencil. Brush a strong glue on top of the canvas and apply to the copper. Cut around the edges and then 'wrap' the canvas with the sheet of copper, folding carefully and applying glue as needed. Allow to dry.

2. Use foam brush to apply Matt Medium (over the stencil) on the copper covered canvas. This must dry thoroughly before you proceed. Once it is dry, use a Q-tip or foam brush to apply Novacan over top the copper. The design you have created with the Matt Medium will remain copper colored and the rest of the copper will turn black. This happens quite quickly.

3. Play with embellishing as desired. I used a pigment ink pad to stamp some text across the tarnished copper, then I glued some fancy buttons across the front and added a ribbon behind. I love the instant gratification of using the Novacan and I'm so grateful to Leighanna for introducing me to this cool product.

Monday, July 28, 2014

PanPastel Hop

What a thrill to be playing with PanPastels! LOVE these products, I've been using them for years and I simply never tire of their intense pigment. I use the pastels in encaustic work, on my journal pages and here, when trying to 'save' an ugly background.
Now, after me posting a couple of my 'mishaps',  you might be wondering why I have so many ugly backgrounds hanging around?
Good question. Sometimes I am convinced that every piece of art must go through an ugly stage. Or maybe that's just me. Plus, I experiment a lot and am often messing around with products in ways they were not intended to be used, mainly because I don't have an art degree so I honestly don't know what you are supposed to do with some products. Ahem.....Needless to say, I sometimes end up with yuck.  Here is a picture of the 'before' with just two stenciled portions.
This was one such piece. I can't even remember what I was doing, but it got super dark on the corners. And it was F-L-A-T.
So I decided to add my texture via Golden's Acrylic Ground for Pastels. Now keep in mind, this Ground is not really a texture product, it is more like a super toothy gesso that is used to prep a surface for working in pastel. Yeah, I even mis-use products that I have been trained to use.
But, I liked the idea of creating stenciled parts to use with the Pan Pastel and the Ground held up well.
I found that, by using the Acrylic Ground for Pastel, I could pretty much 'dry brush' (or 'dry sponge') the pigment over the Ground and somewhat retain my background color. Of course I got going a little more wild and wooly and ended up creating several layers of Ground. All the color shown here (except for the little bits behind the bird heads and daisy) were achieved with PanPastel.
Can you say YUM!
Here are my tips for working with PanPastels:
  1. Use the Sofft Tools, the texture of these amazing sponges is simply perfect.
  2. Keep a clean paper towel at your side while you work. Before you change color, wipe the sponge on the paper towel until you no longer see any pigment color coming off. This will ensure that you don't contaminate the next color you use.
  3. Use less color than you think you need. One swipe provides more pigment than you can ever imagine. 
  4. Don't be afraid to experiment. I have created many cool effect with PanPastel and blending them out with gesso or other mediums. Remember, they are pigment!!
  5. Check out the PanPastel website, specifically THIS PAGE, which I have found to be extremely helpful.  
We know after you see all the techniques we show you this week you are going to want to play too! Enter the GIVEAWAY to be eligible to win the prize below. Just leave a comment and tell us if you use PanPastels with stencils and your favorite technique. You can also leave comments on all of the individual posts this week on all the blogs from our team members for another chance to win! All comments within the 4 day period are eligible.

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