Monday, July 14, 2014

Introducing NEW StencilGirl Artist Traci Bautista Blog Hop

I am excited to welcome my friend, Traci Bautista to StencilGirl Products, woo hoo!!! Her stencils are so her. So Traci, you could pick them up anywhere and know who designed them, she has such a strong artistic voice. I love that about her.
I've mainly been playing in my journal with the stencil masks - because that is what many of them are, masks. It is a subtle distinction in the stencil world. For me, I think of masks as the thing you reach for to cure all your mistakes, ha! I mean look at this page:
I had a bunch of color, no direction, this page was going nowhere fast. All I did was use the mask overtop the entire spread and sponged with gesso. Instant cute. I think it would be pretty cool to go back and do some doodles in those open spots. Or even journal words, patterned collage components, stencil over top or ? What would you do?
Here is another snippet, this time a painted paper towel, this is actually part of my upcoming webinar:
It is amazing to me how changing color and using only a portion of the stencil turned this into an interesting abstract - I took Traci's imagery and made it my own. Now *that* is good versatility in design.
Here is a collage of some of my pages, you can see some DLP here too, I am on week 2.....there is also a sneak peak at a project I did for The Mixed Media Workshop TV. 
Hope you enjoyed a peak into how I have been playing with Traci's stencils. 
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Monday, June 23, 2014

StencilGirl Blog Hop Featuring NEW Artist Orly Avineri

Do you believe that stencils can heal?
I don't know if I actually believe that either, I mean they are just Mylar after all. I do know that the day I used Orly's new stencils, I was working through some issues and it seemed like they had a magical effect on me because I gained instant clarity into my situation. It must have been the stencils, right?
I'll be frank. Orly's stencils probably aren't for everyone. They are intense. They are raw. They are beautiful. The symbolism is rich. These are stencils that make me think and I absolutely adore them.
Here are some of the ways I've been using them.
First of all - to make backgrounds. Those intricate bits are so gorgeous, I can see using them literally all the time.

 Deli Paper anyone? I had some extra paint on my palette and made a collage bit.
And here is the spread that I did. I used several of the stencils and love the way they work together as well as separately. The drips are pretty darn fab if I do say so myself. You know with 'real' dripping you lose control.  (I mean duh, rigth?). This is different because you can place it exactly where you want. Does that make me a control freak, wanting to 'place' my drips? 

Take a visit to everyone in the Hop and be sure to enter comments for our contest. And if you don't win a set of the stencils, just hurry over to StencilGirl and get them for yourself. I think you will be pleased. You can see all of Orly's new stencils HERE.

Monday, June 02, 2014

StencilGirl, Linda Robertson and Enkaustikos Blog HOp

Last year I was fortunate to attend encaustiCON in Santa Fe, a meeting of the International Encaustic Association. I had been invited to present a demo/class on 'Addressing the Substrate' and felt truly honored to be among some of my encaustic heroes like Linda Robertson. She was so authentic and down to earth, I instantly liked her and felt a connection. Naturally I gave her stencils because I knew she liked them and wanted her to use ours.
Enkaustikos Linda Robertson set
Flash forward.  Linda was working with Kathryn Bevier from Enkaustikos to create a kit of materials and wanted to include a stencil, ultimately she picked Pippin's Dragon Flower.  
Imagine my delight when they went this awesome kit for me to try! Wowzers!! In addition to all the items shown in the picture above, this Set includes video downloads from Linda. And I am here to tell you they are awesome. She is a terrific teacher and her Set is well worth the money. 
Here are some shots of the project I made. 

I started out with the fantastic cradled substrate that was furnished (nice!!) and randomly use the Enkaustikos paint and medium to build up a background. These paints are SO loaded with pigment, they really go a long way and I enjoy the Snaps format, you can snap off a bit at a time so nothing is wasted. 
Being the abstract person that I am, I decided to use Squared On, a stencil of my own design that is a real 'go to' for me. I placed the stencil on top of my piece and painted the encaustic paint over top the piece, moving the stencil several times and fusing in between each layer.

Next up was the Pan Pastel. Oh my is this blue ever a gorgeous color! Once again, I place my stencil and used the Sofft sponge to apply the Pan Pastel right on top of the wax. It simply 'grabs' the wax in and a quick fuse is all you need to add this delicious pigment. LOVE using Pan Pastels with wax.

 I then played with the other tools furnished in the kit, namely the pointy tool and the scraping tool. These both allow you to pull back some wax and create interesting texture effects.

 Here is a close up of some of the texture I obtained.

And finally, here is the completed painting.

In my opinion, this kit is a wonderful value. It includes everything you need to obtain fantastic mixed media results with your encaustic work. The paints and tools are super high quality - no corner cutting here!! And you are going to love Linda's instruction. A class and supplies, what more could you want?
Before you leave, make sure you comment to win the prize from StencilGirl Products and Enkaustikos!

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(1) Collection of Wax Snaps and Hot Sticks from Enkaustikos Valued at $75
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Art Journal Love

OK, OK, you already know I have become obsessed with Art Journaling, in fact, you might be tired of me talking about it, I hope not though. 'cause I can't help but share. Journaling has seriously changed my life and provided me with an easy artistic outlet during this time when I haven't been able to be in the studio as much as I would like. I would normally be grumbling something fierce, but my journals (yeah, I am working across several these days) have saved me. 

Today my pages take advantage of new stencils by Terri Stegmiller. They are pretty darn awesome (the stencils, I mean). And you know what? I have never met Terri in person! She has been with StencilGirl for a long time, contacting us quite early in our journey. I am so glad I brought her into our li'l family as I love her aesthetic. You can find her new designs (and other new ones too! ) on the 'What's New Page of our website. 
But back to journals - they allow me to try products that I might not use in my paintings. Like GELATOS!!! Made by Faber Castell, I have known of them for a long time, but since they are water soluble I never bought any because I work so darn wet in wet when I am painting. I figured they would be wasted.
Guess what? They are absolutely PERFECT for journals! Oh.My.Gosh. I bought this little pack on a whim, when I was at Dick Blick last week, Assorted Reds (includes pink and purple though, yay!!!) and I also got a Double Scoop Mango. I am smitten in love with these Gelatos.
Fabulous results, they are so creamy and gorgeous, I can easily layer up color on my painted pages. They are just so-so yummy.
I also used irResistable Texture Spray. I heard about this from my friend Seth Apter and of course I had to get my hands on some too. If you enlarge the 1st and 2nd picture you can see where I sprayed some in the corners - it dries super fast and leaves a splattered texture which is very cool. I used it on some of my labels too (3rd photo).
Needless to say, I had a wonderful weekend. I pulled back from StencilGirl duties for a few days so that I could have a chance to relax and refresh with my family. I journaled to my hearts content, even journaled with my friend Mary Nasser on Saturday. FunFunFun and the Journaling is good.
I feel restored.
How about you? 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Hip hip for Pippin

My friend, Pippin Schupbach, has some new stencils out from StencilGirl Products and they are so appropriate for the season, it finally being biking weather here in the Lou.

There are cute stencils and I did a journal page with them just to play around.

See the right hand page, the interesting pattern at the top? That is the tiny bike border, I couldn't get over what a cool pattern it made! And you don't even realize it is bikes until you look closely.
Very fun - I think I want to make a t-shirt next, with the cruiser bike on it. 
In other news, are you signed up for my Webinar? HERE is the link. Even if you can't attend on Thursday, you get the recordings and step by step instructions that are yours to keep. It is a pretty good deal really, I packed a lot of info into it.
So......see you there!!