Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I'll have whatever she's having

I don't venture into the political arena on my blog, but I need to say something about Hillary Clinton.  
And it's probably not what you are expecting.    
I want to know what she's ON?????  
And what kind of make up she wears.    
Geez Louise, after campaigning like a maniac for God only knows how many months, she looks better than ever before, perfect make up at all times.  Plus she has some other-worldly energizer bunny thing going on.  Which strikes me as so unusual for a woman who must certainly be menopausal or peri-menopausal.   

OK, rant over.

Check out my Calendar of events in the right-hand sidebar.  LOTS of new events have been added, yikes, I need to get busy, huh?  What am I doing writing this blog anyway!??!      


  1. I think she glows because she is doing what she truly loves!

    Now get back to work!

  2. Have fun in Chicago this weekend!! Looks like you are going to be BUSY!!!

  3. Ha!
    I recall seeing a news item on her makeup team and 2 hairdressers etc whilst on the campaign trail whilst I was there - it was an uh-huh moment. I think they needed an extra trailker to hold all the makeup and hair products at the time.
    Hope you are well.


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