Friday, August 20, 2010


I participate in a local group called St. Louis Collage Club. We take turns leading projects and doing demos; we make things for charitable organizations; we share techniques; we shop (!); we eat; we have fun. At our August meeting, one of our members organized a Bundle project based on the DISCO collaboration that Seth Apter did.

Like Seth, I am fascinated by natural destructive processes. I don't know what that says about me, ha! All I know is that it propelled me to search out a beach in Hawaii where metal objects from a dump have landed on the beach due to erosion of the land. The combination of salt water with junked objects attracted me like a bee to honey and I filled roll after roll of film (this was years ago) with photos. Oh how I have this strong desire to search thru my boxes to find those photos, oy but I digress.

And then the fire - in 2002, when we lived in San Francisco - a warehouse next to The Cannery caught fire and, living just a mile from there, we heard sirens for hours and hours. The next morning I walked down to see what had happened and once again, took tons of pictures. A horrific event (thankfully no one was hurt) that seemed beautiful to me - a gutted building, charred timber, blown out windows - oh my oh my, the compositions fueled one of my very first abstract series.

And I adore the work of a local artist Patricia Vivod. She works on fabric using rust, natural elements, and composting to achieve unbelievable earthy depth in her pieces. I remember my introduction to her work; I stood spellbound by her process and statement. The works were so incredibly evocative to me.

So the Bundles were definitely my kind of project. I grabbed some random stuff out of my studio - painted paper towel debris, corrugated stuffing that happened to be on the floor, a ball of old fabric strips, some paste painted paper scraps, stuff from the garbage. Wrapping them was a spontaneous process and I worked fast and furious completing the three bundles shown in about an hour. My friend Caroline had some used/wet tea bags and I jammed one into the center of two bundles.

They are now hanging from our Japanese Maple and I confess to being a wee bit mesmerized by them. I think you can click on the picture to enlarge if you want to see them close up. I feel this crazy connection as though they are children or something. And I can't wait to see what happens. I will keep you all informed.

Thanks Seth for the brilliant inspiration!!


  1. They're beautiful as they are! They'll REALLY be something once they've aged to perfection!!

  2. So glad that you were inspired by DisCo! Your hanging bundles are already a work of art. I cannot wait to see their beauty after they are weathered and worn.

  3. Beautiful work. Warmly, Karen


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