Saturday, April 30, 2011

Finally, Spring

Since the hubster and I are self employed, we have flexibility in our schedules. This allows us to watch the grandkids, run errands when other people are working and also take a day off during the week. We have started doing that lately, taking a day off (ok, we've just done it twice) and it feels so incredibly decadent and a little naughty. Even though we both work Saturdays and Sundays and clock in way more than 40 hours, me being type 'A' I feel that I have to justify this behavior to you, my faithful blog reader.

  But I digress. Yesterday we went to the Missouri Botanical Garden, a perfectly idyllic spot, one of St. Louis' true gems. 
  The weather was perfect and we both played with our cameras, he with his 'real' one, me with my phone.
I am percolating ideas. For classes, stencils, drawings, paintings, doodles, you name it. My mind seems to be going all the time, bubbling over with things that I want to do. Even in the midst of such beauty, I had trouble being in the moment, I get aggravated with myself when I do that, argghh. It was such a lovely day though, I completely enjoyed basking in the warm sun, I am a cat at heart. And watching John play with his new camera put a smile on my face.
 Isn't he cute wearing his ballcap backwards?

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  1. These photos are so wonderful! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy more of the flexibility! :-)

  2. Love the photos, and John looks like a pro :-)

  3. noting like soaking up some lovely life moments with someone you love ! Happy Spring !

  4. a new tell.....what did he get ?

    and hey, i am all for playing hooky anytime/any day !

  5. You took a day off? WTF? Getting lazy????

    Goodonya :-)

  6. Good for you! Definitely take MORE days off!! Life is too short!!
    Love the photos

  7. My beloved and I have our own company too, I can so relate to those 'extra/free' days in the middle of the week. It feels like extra joyful then, isn't it?! Such beautiful photos, and John's must be gorgeous too, look at him 'play'!!

  8. I LOVE taking a weekday off. And plan to as soon as Surtex is over (and that just can't be soon enough).

    We took a few days to take the sailboat to St. Augustine over Easter and I walked around one morning with my camera before the tourists came out ~ it was bliss, but like you, I couldn't stop snapping pics thinking of the inspiration they were for...

    Love your sassy new photo :-)


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