Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Using Stencils for Fabric Painting

Terri Stegmiller is another one of our new designers over at StencilGirl Products. I really like her design aesthetic - clean and crisp,  yet funky and modern and somehow nature inspired. Her stencils rock. And her art quilts are really amazing. Is this bird not the cutest ever!?!?
Art Quilt by Terri Stegmiller
If you pop on over to her site she has a free video about her fabric painting process. I found it quite interesting, she uses a product that I had never seen before which means I need to find it even though I have never made an art quilt in my life. But you know how that goes.....geez.... 
And you can find her stencils HERE. 


  1. enjoyed the video. never heard of the spray either. need to check it out! have a question. I like to use script as a background. would like to order your 9x12 hebrew stamp but cant figure the size height especially of the letters! I have a hebrew stamp which is 5x7 but the letters are very large not good for a 12x12 collage!can you measure? many thanks lyle

    1. Hi Lyle - this is Jessica - I designed the Hebrew stencils. The letter range from 1" - 1 1/2" high. The Hamsa is 4 1/2 " high. Hope that helps.

  2. I love Terri's stencils and have already ordered some!


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