Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Art Review of 2012

I notice a lot of artists doing reviews of their work from the year past and I found it so interesting I decided to do the same thing myself. These are little snippets only and in many cases don't even display the entire piece because of the Collage App I used. But it is interesting nonetheless.
Art from 2012 copyright Mary Beth Shaw
Several things jump out at me cause you know I've got make it a lesson for myself, type A personality that I am........good grief.......

  • One is COLOR. During 2012 I really hung in similar color schemes. Again. Of course they have changed from years past, but I still tend to find comfort zones and I stay there.
  • COMPOSITION, circles and grids, repeat often. 'nuff said.
  • LINE. I loosened up every now and then, especially that piece in the bottom row, second from the left. But I obviously use line a lot in my pieces, whether implied, painted or collaged. It is there.
  • VALUE. I am getting better. I think back years ago when I could rarely see value changes in my work and I know I have made progress. Yay!!
  • I need to offer full disclosure here. 2012 was not the best year for me painting what I would consider "my own" work, meaning work that poured out from my heart. I was creating on deadline every single time I painted. You might think that would be frustrating but I love it. It pushes me in directions I might not otherwise take. Yes, it can distract me, but I gain so much from the process. And it is interesting to look back and see how all these diverse pieces (commercial, class samples, published pieces, etc) still all display a part of me; I can see it! And I am pleased about that.
And finally, the last thing I need to say is that I have done a lot of work that I simply can't show. It is going to be part of the new book so I am not at liberty to share it just yet.

I did want to also mention that (in case you haven't heard) we are starting a monthly club over at StencilGirl. I think it is going to be pretty special - it's *very* reasonably priced for one thing and there is no obligation meaning you can get out whenever you want. But the stencils are the ones I have dreamed about, our first offering for January is Vintage Tiles. They are fabulous! I mean seriously.
Also, with the club you will get access to a free VIDEO with me every single month. I will use the stencils in a project, show new techniques, etc. And yeah, there is more too.
CLICK HERE if you want to know all the scoop and sign up. You only have until the 10th to get signed up.


  1. What a wonderful grouping of work MaryBeth. The snippets are new wonderful pieces all on their own and would make fabulous prints for postcards. Happy New Year!!!

  2. Just signed up for the StencilGirl club - very excited to get started

  3. Wonderful 2012, so glad to have taken your glass and gotten to know you a little. Looking forward to playing with more stencils in 2013. And in seeing you blossom during the year. xox

  4. Love seeing your 2012 work collaged together like this, Mary Beth! Stunning collection!

  5. Loved your year's analysis! And the stencils, too, of course.

  6. Beautiful snippets - I feel such a sense of serenity looking at your work. Love.

  7. I love your circles and grids. You have such style.


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