Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Habitat for Humanity

The door is done and I am delivering it today. It will be auctioned off with a bunch of others at the St. Charles Home and Garden show, proceeds to benefit Habitat for Humanity.
When I painted it I was thinking Headboard although I did leave the hole for the door knob in case someone wanted it for a door. I think it would be cool to use it as a headboard and to install a reading light in the hole part.
I am going to get another door today and make a headboard for the bed in our guest room.
And yes, I have crossed this off my list, yippee!!


  1. This is truely exquisite. What a beautiful piece for a phenominal cause.

  2. Very cool. I like what you did with your door. It is in many ways similar to and sort of opposite the one I did (in the same kind of door frame with the leaves on black and bordered in white).

  3. wow. this is REALLY cool. awesome idea for a headboard.

  4. It is beautiful, but of course I expect nothing less from you!

  5. love it love it love it !!!

    totally flat doors also make great desk tops and with your painting all over fun to pay the bills if you're writing your checks out on top of your painting !!!

  6. This is a fabulous thing!


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