Thursday, March 26, 2009

Now that's a sandwich!

Tonight we took dinner to my stepdaughter and her family. We do this once a week, catch up with the kids over a nice home cooked meal that John and I bring to their house. It has turned into a wonderful tradition that we all enjoy. John and I were crazy busy today so instead of cooking, I stopped at The Art of Entertaining and picked up a couple frozen pasta dishes. One of them had shrimp which I felt certain the boys wouldn't eat that, so the other was chicken and sun dried tomato.

Aidan was quite adventurous, tried the shrimp and said he liked it. Ian.......well, that is another story. He is 4 and doesn't like pasta that much which always amazes me. And naturally he questioned the "red things"in the food. Neither of the dishes were cutting it for him so his Mom got out some salami and told him he could eat some of that. None of us were paying any attention to what he did next.

All I know is I heard Beth & Frank chuckling quietly. Which is when I saw Ian making a sandwich. He was methodically spreading a copious amount of butter on all sides of one piece of garlic bread. Then he got two pieces of salami and carefully put one on each side of the bread, where it stuck, due to the butter. I swear it was all we could do to not burst out with laughter.

Although I do think it's kind of creative to put the meat on the outside.


  1. and grandma with her camera was where ?

  2. i've heard of being buttered on both sides but this takes the cake

  3. beth k8:59 PM

    You missed him biting a hole in the middle of his salami (he does this by folding it and thinks it is quite a trick) and holding it up to his eye like a mask. The pride on his face makes me smile! : )


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