Thursday, February 09, 2006

We are staying in a Motel Six masquerading as a Hampton Inn. All right, perhaps I am being a bitch. The room is actually fine. There is a Hampton signature lap desk that I have come to know and love. It is available for purchase by calling 1-888-224-7730. I think that means you will be charged if it shows up missing. We have free wi-fi. But it still looks like a souped up Motel Six. The doors open to the parking lot.

The trip so far was uneventful which is good. John drove. I slept. When I was awake I was knitting. I didn't sleep at all last night so the car seemed like my best option. This is why I have my special car pillow to prevent my neck from lolling out of control and giving myself whiplash.

Atlanta is fucked traffic-wise. People are nuts, driving like they are crazed which always complicates things. Especially some fool in a white Lexus. He gave us the finger. John waved. We finally got through Atlanta rush hour, which lasts until past 7 pm apparently. We are in Macon.

Japan Spa and Hong Kong Spa are nearby. Whatever that means. I don't know if this is code for something else, like a massage that isn't really a massage, winkwink. John didn't know either but there were billboards. Also several billboards to "Donate your Boat. Once again, I don't know what they meant, like donate your boat meaning a huge car. Or donate your boat meaning a money sucking flotation device. I am not sure. Honestly I never thought charitable organizations were that interested in boating. But we're in the South now so who knows?


  1. You need to check these places out... Could be something really exciting and wonderful or maybe just something juicy to write about. Have a safe drive.

  2. Mary Beth-

    Ah, the South! It's a whole different world. So much for those famous "Southern Manners" when one is driving and a "southern gentleman" flips them the bird!

    Wish you had time to explore the "donate your boat." WHAT in the WORLD is THAT all about? LOL

    Have a safe trip, and WOW 'em with that art of yours.



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