Monday, March 05, 2007

Can I crawl into his head?

My brand spankin' new obsession is Tim Hawkinson. Started just a few minutes ago when I was reading about him in the NY Times. Internet at hand, I Googled his name and found all sorts of interesting articles.

There are so many things to like about this guy, at least from my perspective, that being slightly skewed, ha, ha. The surprise and ingenuity of his work delights me; the fact you look at something and it is not what it appears. The suckers on an octopus tentacle that are actually repeated images of a man's lips pressed against the bed of the scanner. A delicate bird skeleton made of fingernail clippings. Things that gross me out to some extent, like a chicken skin sculpture.

I also love the fact he uses what is on hand so the found objects earn a new existence. That sort of theme is such an inspiration for me on this bright morning when I will finally venture into my own studio.

And of course the obsession..........I lovelovelove obsession, repetition rocks. Not to mention he was born the same year as me.

Here are a couple links: This is the NY Times article. A project at UCSD ACE Gallery - you can find the bird and chicken skin sculptures here.

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