Tuesday, March 20, 2007

So much to do and so little time

So why on earth am I dreaming of running away to NY to see a Rauschenberg exhibit? The NY Times article gives it high marks and I would love to see his early works specifically these drawings and transfers. I have never spent much time with transfers mainly because it has always seemed a dicey process to me. I fear I would be working on a painting then "ruin" it with a failed transfer. Perhaps that is the wrong way for me to approach this? Maybe I should instead welcome the outcome whatever it might be?

Bottom line, I simply could not leave town now. I have an awful lot going on. Suddenly life has clicked back into full gear.

This past week I have been working on new pieces for Venus Envy. I was pleased to be accepted as a 4th year exhibitor. The only problem is that I just found out (on 3/12) that I was accepted and I have to deliver the pieces on 4/04. Right after I get back from Artfest. And you know what that means - all the pieces need to be done before I leave. Twenty two of them to be exact, based on my proposal. I have a batch of 6x6's almost finished and I am pretty pleased with their direction. It seems that the extended "break" really helped me look at my Common Denominator series with a fresh eye. I am using new colors that are light and modern, quite a juxtaposition with the vintage images. I like the feel though and find they all hang well with the older work.

My new series will have to sit on the back burner for awhile as I finish the VE stuff and also work on 2 new commissions. Plus complete all the apps that are due through early April - seven to be exact. Yikes! Some are for art fairs, others are juried competitions.

Lots to do before Artfest.


  1. nancy1:14 AM

    I won't call you - get everything done so that you have nothing left undone on your mind while at Artfest. See you at the airport.

  2. Keep on truckin', MB! You're making great progress. Hugs, Shari


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