Friday, March 13, 2015

Laurie Doctor Chance Images

In this year of less teaching (!!), it is my strong desire to get back to my own art. Yes, that has been one of my goals for the year. Like every artist I know, I long to capture my voice in beautiful soul inspired works that bring people to their knees. 
A girl can dream, eh?
Seriously though, I mainly want to express myself and Laurie Doctor's recent class, Chance Images,  allowed me to do precisely that. 
The book I made during the workshop, fantastic woven embellishment on the binding. 
I have known Laurie for over ten years, having taken classes from her at the very beginning of my artist journey back in 2001. She inspired me so much then! And again today, she somehow gently pulls things out of me in a way that is hard to explain. Her classes are so incredibly special.
One of my favorite spreads from my book.
I don't want to reveal specifics of her teaching style or classes because it would only serve as a spoiler for future any classes you wish to take. 
Painting, poetry, mark making, writing, storytelling, music; 
Laurie's classes contain all these things orchestrated with grace and serenity. 
After our recent three days together, I came away rejuvenated and utterly blissed out, as though I had been to some sort of sensory art spa. 
Smiling inside and out. 
Some details from my book
And then I signed up for a week long class she is teaching at Madeline Island School of the Arts
Because I must.have.more. 
I feel certain that Flotsam & Jetsam will be just that - it is 5 days after all, in a fabulously charmed location where I look forward to a Midwestern leaf display on an island setting. 
Check it out! 
I would love to meet some of you there.