Monday, November 16, 2015

Papercraft Clubhouse!

About a month ago, John and I snuck away for a li'l vacation before selling stencils at the Art is You retreat in Stamford, CT. We had an unbelievable relaxing time on the coast of CT where we could see Rhode Island from our house, right across the river. The towns were quaint, the food was good (can you say Lobster!) and we melted into bliss. 
Of course I bought toys. 
Seth Apter stencils, canvas bookmarks and slap bracelets to decorate, Tropical Gelatos, Dina Wakley bag!
On the way to Art is You, we stopped at a terrific store, Papercraft Clubhouse, in Westbrook, CT. They sell our stencils and we wanted to stop in and say hi! Imagine Tracie Larson's shock (she is the owner) when she saw me, hehehe, I love to surprise people. We had met at CHA earlier in the year plus I have heard lots about Tracie from our lovely Gwen Lafleur. So I feel like I know her. 
Tracie has the cutest darn store, here's their FB page
I so wish we had a store like that here in the St. Louis area, we just don't have access to so many of these mixed media supplies, ooh la la, I saw things I had heard about but didn't know where to get! And I saw stuff I had never even seen before. Yeah, I bought some stuff, more than what is shown above. 
Check it out!!
Panorama of StencilWall at Papercraft Clubhouse
Oh my goodness, I have never seen anything like that before. Wow, just wow. You can tell by the number of tables what a large room this is, I mean there are LOTS of stencils. I am happy to report that StencilGirl Products holds its own. I felt really proud.
Here is a picture of me and Tracie in front of the wall. I am standing on a platform because Tracie is really tall and I am not. 
Tracie Larson, Mary Beth Shaw
In my opinion, this is a destination shop. If you are anywhere nearby, you gotta make time to visit. I hope to get back there myself some day soon. Thanks, Tracie and staff for doing such a great job!!

And also, a reminder.......I am teaching At Life Book this year, click on that link (right hand column) to find out more and sign up. One of the best deals on the Internet, I kid you not. I'm working on my video and will have to say this is going to be good. Very very good. I am super excited!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Golden is Rocking my World

All my adult life I have wanted to go to Art Basel in Miami, FL. This is the year and it is all because of Golden. You know I am a certified artist educator for them, right? Well, they are having a meeting of all us educators and working artists. It just happens to be in FL. During Art Basel, oh be still my heart. 
Yesyesyes, I am going. I am so flipping lucky. 
I am still pinching myself. 
And......yep, there is more......Mark Golden, the head dude of Golden, is friends with an artist, Frank Hyder, who has has so generously invited all of us to submit a piece that will be on display. 
Here's the one I have submitted. The show is called Square Foot Art Basel Miami. The concept is one foot square pieces, like getting a foot in the door. Wildly exciting to say the least.