Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Art Journal Love

OK, OK, you already know I have become obsessed with Art Journaling, in fact, you might be tired of me talking about it, I hope not though. 'cause I can't help but share. Journaling has seriously changed my life and provided me with an easy artistic outlet during this time when I haven't been able to be in the studio as much as I would like. I would normally be grumbling something fierce, but my journals (yeah, I am working across several these days) have saved me. 

Today my pages take advantage of new stencils by Terri Stegmiller. They are pretty darn awesome (the stencils, I mean). And you know what? I have never met Terri in person! She has been with StencilGirl for a long time, contacting us quite early in our journey. I am so glad I brought her into our li'l family as I love her aesthetic. You can find her new designs (and other new ones too! ) on the 'What's New Page of our website. 
But back to journals - they allow me to try products that I might not use in my paintings. Like GELATOS!!! Made by Faber Castell, I have known of them for a long time, but since they are water soluble I never bought any because I work so darn wet in wet when I am painting. I figured they would be wasted.
Guess what? They are absolutely PERFECT for journals! Oh.My.Gosh. I bought this little pack on a whim, when I was at Dick Blick last week, Assorted Reds (includes pink and purple though, yay!!!) and I also got a Double Scoop Mango. I am smitten in love with these Gelatos.
Fabulous results, they are so creamy and gorgeous, I can easily layer up color on my painted pages. They are just so-so yummy.
I also used irResistable Texture Spray. I heard about this from my friend Seth Apter and of course I had to get my hands on some too. If you enlarge the 1st and 2nd picture you can see where I sprayed some in the corners - it dries super fast and leaves a splattered texture which is very cool. I used it on some of my labels too (3rd photo).
Needless to say, I had a wonderful weekend. I pulled back from StencilGirl duties for a few days so that I could have a chance to relax and refresh with my family. I journaled to my hearts content, even journaled with my friend Mary Nasser on Saturday. FunFunFun and the Journaling is good.
I feel restored.
How about you? 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Hip hip for Pippin

My friend, Pippin Schupbach, has some new stencils out from StencilGirl Products and they are so appropriate for the season, it finally being biking weather here in the Lou.

There are cute stencils and I did a journal page with them just to play around.

See the right hand page, the interesting pattern at the top? That is the tiny bike border, I couldn't get over what a cool pattern it made! And you don't even realize it is bikes until you look closely.
Very fun - I think I want to make a t-shirt next, with the cruiser bike on it. 
In other news, are you signed up for my Webinar? HERE is the link. Even if you can't attend on Thursday, you get the recordings and step by step instructions that are yours to keep. It is a pretty good deal really, I packed a lot of info into it.
So......see you there!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Of Surgeries and Art and Healing

What on earth have I been doing you might ask, seems like I am in and out and around and up and down and before I blink another month has ripped by me.
Part of a journal page
You remember my Mom had surgery and I traveled to be with her during and afterwards, she was a real trooper, I would love to be able to to show you some of the photos I took but she is so very private she would freak out. In fact, don't tell her I am even sharing stories, ok? Pictures like the one with the little ET-like contraption on her finger; she would point her crooked finger with its red glow, in a way that might be adorable except it was the wrong finger if you know what I mean. Or the photo of her walking hospital halls, all the 'devices' removed for the first time so she had put on a really cute nightgown I had bought her, she was wearing it with her stylish Birkinstocks don't you know, quite the fashion statement. Or maybe I could tell you about the absolutely hilarious post surgery bits my brothers and I soverymuch wanted to film, our doped up Mom flirting with doctors and cracking jokes left and right. She doesn't remember a thing.
Painted envelopes that I used to send Happy Mail
I guess what I am saying is it wasn't all bad. Sure it sucked, it was a damn serious surgery and she has the cruddy C-word, a rare kind that has been removed so we are told, but how does anyone know for sure, this sneaky disease that is known to jump from organ to organ. So we continue as the joking type people we are, when the going gets tough, we tend to crack often inappropriate jokes. Like weeks before surgery when I called my Mom on the phone and said, "Hey Mom, how's it going, you still got Cancer?" Lucky for me, she shares my extremely twisted sense of humor. And I believe these moments help us at least get some emotion (perhaps not the 'right' one?) out. I don't know but it somehow works for us. That plus my Art Journal. Art does save you know, I had my Mom painting collage pages just days after surgery. And I took doodle stuff for all my family. Of course they laugh at me, they are beyond the idea of indulging my every whim. But you knew that.
Another journal page, that is a tree picture I took
In art news, I did manage to film my latest Webinar during all this hullabaloo. HERE is a link to sign up if you so desire. I am proud of it, I did the filming and editing myself and am pleased to say that *I* would even sign up, I do think it is worthwhile.