Thursday, March 26, 2009

Now that's a sandwich!

Tonight we took dinner to my stepdaughter and her family. We do this once a week, catch up with the kids over a nice home cooked meal that John and I bring to their house. It has turned into a wonderful tradition that we all enjoy. John and I were crazy busy today so instead of cooking, I stopped at The Art of Entertaining and picked up a couple frozen pasta dishes. One of them had shrimp which I felt certain the boys wouldn't eat that, so the other was chicken and sun dried tomato.

Aidan was quite adventurous, tried the shrimp and said he liked it. Ian.......well, that is another story. He is 4 and doesn't like pasta that much which always amazes me. And naturally he questioned the "red things"in the food. Neither of the dishes were cutting it for him so his Mom got out some salami and told him he could eat some of that. None of us were paying any attention to what he did next.

All I know is I heard Beth & Frank chuckling quietly. Which is when I saw Ian making a sandwich. He was methodically spreading a copious amount of butter on all sides of one piece of garlic bread. Then he got two pieces of salami and carefully put one on each side of the bread, where it stuck, due to the butter. I swear it was all we could do to not burst out with laughter.

Although I do think it's kind of creative to put the meat on the outside.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Marilyn Maye Tribute - "Java"

Imagine my surprise when my acupuncturist suggested that my sluggish morning hands and fingers - kind of like the Tinman, they need oil in the AM - was possibly due to caffeine.
Seriously though, I have a number of very good healthy eating habits. But I will fess up to a coffee and sugar addiction.
Bottom line, I think I will have to learn to tolerate my stiff hands.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Habitat for Humanity

The door is done and I am delivering it today. It will be auctioned off with a bunch of others at the St. Charles Home and Garden show, proceeds to benefit Habitat for Humanity.
When I painted it I was thinking Headboard although I did leave the hole for the door knob in case someone wanted it for a door. I think it would be cool to use it as a headboard and to install a reading light in the hole part.
I am going to get another door today and make a headboard for the bed in our guest room.
And yes, I have crossed this off my list, yippee!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

No rest for the wicked

Ok, it's confession time. I thought that I would deliver my show, attend the opening, sigh with relief and somehow be magically transported to an exotic island paradise where my nubile body (stay with me, this is a dream after all) would frolic in gentle waves by day and paint fantabulous works of genius by night.


In actuality, it was on to the rest of my list. And holy canoli what a list it had become. Cause during my painting binge (the show and the Maplewood commission), I kept jotting down all the stuff I didn't want to forget and needless to say, I got reallyreally behind......

So, I have had no rest. None whatsoever. Been working like a crazy girl (good thing I love what I do!). Here's the list:

1. Paint door for Habitat for Humanity auction. Deliver no later than Friday.
2. Prepare classes for Artfest (actually, that's pretty much done, I don't want any of my students freaking out here :-)
3. Make art for Vending Night at Artfest.
4. Somehow come up with enough art for Spring Bloom show, supposed to leave on Friday for this one day show. Hmmm, have I mentioned that over 40 paintings are unavailable as they are in a gallery show right now????
5. Be available to participate with grandkids and family during Spring Break. This is listed as #5 but ranks much higher in importance to me.
6. Breathe. Exercise. Meditate. Breathe again.
7. Super secret stuff that I can't mention. Or I'd have to kill you. Suffice to say, it's overdue.
8. Commissions. Three of them, luckily the due dates aren't for awhile.
9. Plan more classes for my down time (don't laugh, once March is over, I will actually have some down time in April and yeah, I will use some of it to really relax).
10. Laundry.
11. Gather supplies for class I am taking at Artfest. I ordered all my teaching stuff from Akamai so I don't have to schlep it.
12. I don't have to clean house because my sweet wonderful hubby did the bulk of that (I helped a wee bit) this weekend.
13. Keep pinching myself because life is so very very good.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Show, brought to you by Flip

My friend Bud used my Flip video recorder to film part of the opening. I can't get the editing functions to work on my Flip software, but here is some of the footage. Hopefully it will give you an idea of the show.......which was pretty sweet if I do say so myself. Philip, the fabulous artist/owner of PHD, outdid himself. A very class event!!
Thank you soooo much to my lovely friends and collectors who attended the opening. You all made it very special for me.

Friday, March 06, 2009

The Favored One

I shouldn't pick favorites; it's like children and pets I suppose. But I mentioned this piece a couple posts back. The one I did when I was sick and my brain was too tired to kick in and perform it's normal edit function.....I've been thinking about that so much - how to turn off that internal voice that second guesses and judges every move I make. I haven't come up with an answer as of yet, am going to have to keep thinking about it I suppose.

Anyhoo, this is the piece. It is 40" x 40" acrylic, collage, pastel & ink on canvas, framed. It's untitled, but I've taken to calling it "the favored one."

One final reminder (yeah, I'm pimping myself again) solo show opens tomorrow, that's Saturday, 3/07 at PHD Gallery, 2300 Cherokee Street in St. Louis from 6-10pm. Click on the link for other hours. And stay tuned for a video of the opening.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


You all will have to indulge me while I wallow around in the press for the upcoming show. I am absolutely pinching myself

Sweet, huh?