Monday, January 27, 2014

StencilGirl NEW Release Blog Hop Featuring Michelle Ward

Michelle Ward was one of StencilGirl's very first designing artists. I was thrilled when she made the decision to join us and remain delighted every time she submits new work, this latest batch being no exception. In fact, I happen to L-O-V-E this group of stencils and know I will use them over and over. I almost feel like Michelle crawled into my head with these designs, ha, but that would be a very scary place, my head.
Without further ado, here is the stencil I used:

I knew I wanted to use this stencil to work in my journal, that being the journal I made when I co-taught with Michelle, Pam Carriker and Andrew Borloz last November at The InkPad in NYC. It was such a cool teaching event, the energy of all four teachers seemed a teeny bit magical to me. It was the first time I had ever met Michelle in person and we hit it off so well I ended the weekend feeling sad that we didn't live closer to one another so we could connect more often. The journal I made during our class has become very special to me as a representation of that terrific weekend.
When I made the journal, it was constructed of a variety pack of painted papers and bringing them together color-wise can be a challenge. I have to really work the pages to find cohesion. When I first saw this stencil, I knew I wanted to create some 'parts' using Michelle's stencil, parts that I could keep in my stash to use when journaling.
So first, I got a piece of random painted paper and determined the parts of the stencil I wanted to use. I sketched lightly around the edge and cut them out as shown below.
Next, I decided to paint more papers. I am using a piece of plain ole text weight paper and I started out quite light then darkened the color as I moved on.

Using another of Michelle's stencils,

I added more layers at the opposing corners.

And then I went wild......moved the stencils over and over, changing the orientation of the paper as I went. More color, light, dark, repeat. Until I ended up with this, kind of busy, eh? But I could see that I had LOTS of good parts.

I got a circle guide and selected a couple areas of the paper that I wanted to use in my journal. The circles I cut are shown below. And see the linear part on top of each one? Another Michelle stencil; I used a Baby Wipe to remove paint from the circle, not going all the way down to the white, but kind of halfway. 
So what next, you might ask? Here are a couple spreads in my journal and I think you can easily get an idea how these circles will fit right in! Plus I also have a cool sheet of painted paper to use another time.

Be sure and hop all around and see what our Team has done, their talent amazes me every time we hop. Also, don't forget to leave comments. StencilGirl Products, LLC is giving away one entire set of Michelle's NEW stencils and you will be entered in the drawing every time you leave a comment. 
And trust me, you are going to want these stencils, they are so incredibly versatile!

Monday, January 06, 2014

Sketch Collage

I am over at The Sketchbook Challenge today talking about this month's theme - Sketch Collage. Check it out HERE.

Friday, January 03, 2014

StencilGirl Blog Hop Featuring Kae Pea

Hop, Hop, Hop.......what happens when you start out using stamps and then get distracted, when you use stencils and it doesn't even look like it? Welcome to my world......geez.....

I had every intention of using stamps. In fact, I started out my piece using several of Kae Pea's stamps.....this one
Nancy Curry words and phrases
But alas, in a stupidly distracted studio moment I forgot to photograph the piece because I have encaustic of the brain and slap wax over everything I touch these days. If anyone can understand being distracted I know without a doubt it is Kristen, aka Kae Pea, as she and I share this ailment, good anyway, I apologize and hope you will pick up with me here, a few layers later, when I finally grabbed my camera.

Several layers of over-fused encaustic wax on top of rubber stamped wood substrate.
I used Kristen's stencil Simple Geo Circles which I LOVE using to create circles. This photo shows them before fusing.
Here, I have placed the stencil on top of the piece and put a larger circle pattern over the one I previously created. I then used it as a guide to add some encaustic paint around the edge.
Overfusing the paint blurs the edges and all evidence of a stencil is removed.

Final piece. The linear work was done with Golden High Flow Acrylic. 
Close up.