Thursday, December 20, 2018

Join me Through the Looking Glass of Layers with Art Walk Alchemy

Art Walk Alchemy is a year-long online art retreat focused on totems and talismans—those ideas, objects, and emblems that represent something significant in our lives. 

Guess what!? I am teaching! 

And I've gotta say, I love the class that I filmed. I practically had an out of body experience during this one, isn't that weird? As much as I teach, you would think I might have shared it all, but I scratched a new surface and I am anxious to share it with you. 

You get waaaaayyyy more than me with Art Walk Alchemy! When you sign up for this course you will receive:
Access to 24 professional artists each one giving an in-depth video lesson in one of our favorite six art forms: paper art, clay, mixed media, fiber, jewelry, and painting. 

My mixed media art project is Through the Looking Glass of Layers

Here is a sneak peek:

This class starts with free writing exercises that help us explore the various totems of influence in our artistic lives; totems need not be limited to animals but could be as diverse as emblems we receive from our communities, a line of poetry or song, or even a particular food. 

Once we have delved into this journey, we will work to develop a symbolic visual language – through the use of collage, stamps, and stencils – and will create a series of clear and opaque layers to represent each totem. Expect to use transparent material that can be worked from the front and back side, alcohol ink, acrylic paint, stamp pads, ink, and embossing powder. 

The final painting will move through stages of building up and excavating back down, as the layers are transformed into a final piece of art that leads us to uncover our individual truths.

Save $26 through December 31st, 2018!
After that is is $125.
Discover all the perks and surprises that will come to you on your Art Walk Alchemy HERE.