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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Mixed Media Art Journaling with Mary Beth & SketchBookSkool is open for enrollment!


Does layering with 3-dimensional materials turn your intrigue button to high?

Do you swoon when you can reach for stencils, pastels, crayons, pencils, inks, markers, acrylics, and stamps?

If you answered yes then SketchBookSkool has a new class for you and I must say I am completely excited to be one of the four Mixed Media Journaling instructors!

New to mixed media journaling and want to make beautiful art?

  • easy - filled with tips & technique tips
  • wildly fun
  • therapeutic & relaxing (Yes, wild fun and relaxed can go together when you are art journaling!)

Already creating with mixed media in your journal? 

Never fear. This Kourse has your back with:
  • the best instructors if I do say so :) Hint it's Seth, Nathalie, & Kecia
  • expand your creative processes as you glimpse ours
  • a strong online community component
  • high production values

Get lifetime access to this online Kourse.

It begins on Nov. 11, 2019.

You can find out more and sign up right here.

I look forward to seeing your and sharing techniques with you throughout Mixed Media Journaling.

Wishing you an art-filled day,
Mary Beth

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