Wednesday, February 21, 2007

In with the old and new

I realize I haven't written for quite awhile. I've been in the midst of an office remodel/paint project that was just a mess. Things were out of place, hidden under tarps etc.

But now the painting is done and I am officially back in order. Today I even got lucky at Home Goods and found the sweetest little chair I have ever seen. It is oh so comfy and just perfect for me to use when I am not at the computer. I have this vision of me all curled up reading a book.....more likely it will become a cat bed.

The paint turned out great. I am completely digging this color scheme as it makes me so happy. Only 8 different "audition" colors from Lowe's before I found something I liked, ha! I did the wave pattern free hand with a paint roller. I thought I wanted to sketch it out but that felt way too contrived, so I erased all my marks, took a deep breath and started to paint.

This is the first time I have ever decorated a room all by myself just picking exactly the colors I want with no regard for anyone else. John and I are pretty compatible on most decorating matters and we are certainly civilized with our compromises. But this was all about me. I mean who's kidding who, John would never select these colors for his office nor would he pick a distressed and painted old table as a desk.
Which made it so special when he came in with cocktails to toast my "new digs." Next up is his office.


  1. mb...that room looks so great! brave, very brave, you are!


  2. Anonymous6:56 PM

    I was hoping you'd post digis. The room looks great. Congrats,

  3. Anonymous8:31 PM

    it's just what I was imagining when we talked this weekend, it looks way cool!

  4. Your office is just to die for, MB. I especially love seeing all the furniture and knick knacks back in. The star couldn't be a better fit and that chair! Just perfect. One day I want to see it in person, deal? Hugs, Shari


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