Monday, December 03, 2007

Gallery Talkin'

I did it and lived to tell. The gallery talk is over and officially a success, or at least I have deemed it so.
It was a polite and interested group of art lovers - I really dig it when people engage with the art and I felt that many did yesterday.
My talk was sort of rambling, but I had a comfortable dialogue with the audience, at least it seemed that way. Such nice people! I talked about my rocks from the shore of Lake Michigan, how they mean so much to me and have inspired this series to some extent. I talked about my beliefs on the importance of accessibility for art. How I want people to look, think, ask questions, maybe (or hopefully) relate to the art. I talked about my circuitous path to fine art, my lack of formal education and my P-L-A-Y with the various media I use. And finally, I talked about Community, what the series means, how the pieces relate to one another and how they can be viewed from various orientations. I took a piece off the wall (God only knows if this is ok??? during a gallery talk, but it is my art after all) and I even passed around some other works so people could actually touch them and feel the surface.
Thanks so very much to my dear dear friends who drove in horrid torrential freezing rain to hear me. It means the world to have your support. And you know who you are.


  1. I can tell you're a success, just by the way you're handling the artwork and talking at the same time! (grin) Woo hoo!! Hugs, Shari

  2. i am so sorry i was not in attendance!
    i can remember a wonderful demonstration that you did on working your brand of magic while creating some of the most gorgeous paste paper i have ever seen! i hung on your every are intriguing,dynamic and favorite sort of artist and woman!
    you deserve every bit of success and more that comes your way!


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