Sunday, April 20, 2008

Remember those 2 pieces from the last post? Well, they are gone
That didn't take long. A lovely lady walked into my booth at 4 Bridges and said she wanted to buy them. I stood there like a total goof because I was so smitten with the "newness" of them that I wasn't really ready to let them go. But she was paying a good price and I do need to earn a living (which is why I was *at* 4 Bridges after all, DUH) so.......she took them. She matched them up with a piece by Gina Cochran. It was ironic really since Gina and I had been talking just an hour or so before all this took place. I am glad they went to a good home.
The show was great by the way, tons of fun folks, unbelievably cool art, plus I sold lots which always makes it nice. Chattanooga is an awesome town and I believe I could live there if it weren't for some very special family members (you'll know who you are!) who live in St. Louis.
We head back home tomorrow and I am wiped out. Need some rest, but also need to paint some more work for the show next week. I want to paint B-I-G.


  1. Wow - gorgeous pieces Mary Beth! - I can totally understand why you had trouble parting with your artwork.

    Come to Callie in August so we can all hang out together!


  2. Anonymous8:24 PM

    Congrats on the big sale & the successful show, doll! Glad it was worth all the work. Welcome home!


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