Monday, March 16, 2009

No rest for the wicked

Ok, it's confession time. I thought that I would deliver my show, attend the opening, sigh with relief and somehow be magically transported to an exotic island paradise where my nubile body (stay with me, this is a dream after all) would frolic in gentle waves by day and paint fantabulous works of genius by night.


In actuality, it was on to the rest of my list. And holy canoli what a list it had become. Cause during my painting binge (the show and the Maplewood commission), I kept jotting down all the stuff I didn't want to forget and needless to say, I got reallyreally behind......

So, I have had no rest. None whatsoever. Been working like a crazy girl (good thing I love what I do!). Here's the list:

1. Paint door for Habitat for Humanity auction. Deliver no later than Friday.
2. Prepare classes for Artfest (actually, that's pretty much done, I don't want any of my students freaking out here :-)
3. Make art for Vending Night at Artfest.
4. Somehow come up with enough art for Spring Bloom show, supposed to leave on Friday for this one day show. Hmmm, have I mentioned that over 40 paintings are unavailable as they are in a gallery show right now????
5. Be available to participate with grandkids and family during Spring Break. This is listed as #5 but ranks much higher in importance to me.
6. Breathe. Exercise. Meditate. Breathe again.
7. Super secret stuff that I can't mention. Or I'd have to kill you. Suffice to say, it's overdue.
8. Commissions. Three of them, luckily the due dates aren't for awhile.
9. Plan more classes for my down time (don't laugh, once March is over, I will actually have some down time in April and yeah, I will use some of it to really relax).
10. Laundry.
11. Gather supplies for class I am taking at Artfest. I ordered all my teaching stuff from Akamai so I don't have to schlep it.
12. I don't have to clean house because my sweet wonderful hubby did the bulk of that (I helped a wee bit) this weekend.
13. Keep pinching myself because life is so very very good.


  1. Congrats on all the good stuff you have going on. You totally deserve it! If you can figure out how to pause time or get a few extra hours out of the day, please let me know. : D

  2. #14. Create amazing sculpture for Red Bull Art of Can and submit by May 15th. Join June (the artist) this October (the month) at D.C. opening for a Red Bull cocktail...hold the ice.


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