Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Can a girl live on Popcorn?

When I was at Valley Ridge, all the peeps kept talking about popcorn they buy from a shop in the area. I didn't pay much attention and didn't even think a whole lot about it cause I like popcorn, but it's not like I'm obsessed with it or anything.
Ahem. Strike that.
When I left VR, my car inexplicably drove right there.......to the RR 1 Popcorn store. Naturally I had to taste all the flavors and got a small bag to eat in the car. I also bought buckets and tins to dispense as hostess gifts to folks housing me on my journey to Squam.
Needless to say, by the time I got home, all the popcorn was gone and I was left with a big ole hankering for a tub of RC Snakle, that's the one that is sweet popcorn & cranberries, smothered in white choclate. Nirvana.
Thank goodness I was able to order it. So now I have a tub of my own (snort, snort) in the fridge as Beth suggested - it is even better cold, if you can imagine.
I am having it for breakfast this morning. Delish with coffee, I might add.


  1. You are very sick. I can get you help.

  2. for breakfast ??

    wow, now I've never done that !!

    add to list...
    1. try popcorn from RR 1 for breakfast
    2. thank mary beth for starting bad habits

  3. Hmmm. Valley Ridge, Squam, road trip and popcorn. Yes, a girl can live on that.

  4. Popcorn has become my new staple. I just wish someone would do something about those dang kernels!

    Hugs MB

  5. How many boxes did you order and when will they be on your doorstep? I'm delighted to know where you live...

  6. oh my gosh you crack me up! but it sounds just like something terrible that i would do. candy popcorn for breakfast. i am losing the link to this popcorn store asap. i know better than to click there!

  7. I think popcorn for breakfast sounds like an excellent idea. Popcorn is a wonderful source of fiber, but I have to say the white chocolate might cancel out any health benefits :-)) But it sounds oh so worth it!

  8. Anonymous4:28 PM

    My dinner before I went into labor with my son? Popcorn -- he was 3 weeks early. How was I to know it'd be my last meal for 30 or so hours?

    A girl CAN live on popcorn (LOL)!


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