Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Capybaras rock

Thanks to Mary Ann Moss for a heads up on this fantabulous site:
There are amazing pictures of zoo babies, hence the name. Anyhoo, you can click by animal name to see a specific type. I instantly selected Capybaras because I had Guinea Pigs when I was a kid (Penelope,Brigitte, Amelia Earhart and Perky - geez, I sorta brained out on his unimaginative name, ha) and Capybaras have always reminded me of really big guinea pigs. The babies are adorable as you might imagine. They seem like they would be fun to have around.
Or not.
I guess its possible that not everyone loves rodents like I do.


  1. What a wonderful site and a lot of work to do it too!! I have to take some time to check it out more thoroughly! Thanks for the link

  2. you crack me up. speaking of might want to see what you helped inspire over on my blog today. Any more good advice??! (by the way TWO is My LIMIT!! :)


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