Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Featured Artist - Creative Therapy

Several months ago I was contacted by Karen of Creative Therapy and she asked me to be feature artist. I was given a variety of 'catalysts' to chose from. Today is my day - check it out at this link:
Creative Therapy
Kind of weird that I chose such a sad topic and it is featured on my 50th birthday. But it seems very apropoa in some strange way.


  1. Well, this did make me sad but look at your smiling face! You have found that state of grace and joy that is your right and I'm so glad to "know" you and learn more about you through your artwork. And BTW, Happy Belated Birthday - I hope you rocked it!!!

  2. Happy 50th Birthday MB!! Hope you're having grand celebrations! With all you've accomplished in the past year or two I'd say you sure know how to ring them in. Congrats!


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