Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Re Entry from Art Unraveled

I am back as of Monday night. Thought I might have some brief down time but oh no, we will have none of that here in the Shaw household. Tons of things to do including watching the boys, attending meetings, doing laundry, cleaning the laundry room after washer decides to semi-flood, unpacking, working at the store, planning the next round of classes, cleaning the studio so I actually have space to work in the event I am ever able to make art again.

Ok. I am whining. I have the best life in the world yet I whine. What's up with that!?!? Seriously. I just wanna make some art. I managed to do that for one day last week and oh what joy. That was the day I tarped my hotel room with a Dollar Store shower curtain. It was simply marvelous.

So then I arrive home to find all the Encaustic supplies (palette, heat gun, paints, etc) I ordered had arrived. I looked at them last night. Longingly, like a dog eyes a steak. I want to chuck all my commitments and simply hole up in the studio and play with the new toys. But work beckons, this crazy thing called 'earning a living.' So I need to keep on keepin' on there are classes to teach and shows to do.

I will be teaching locally next Wed., the 18th. Decided to offer a local session of my recent 'Moving in the Right Circles' class, one of the ones from Art Unraveled. It was a huge success and I wish I would have taken photos, but I was a little off my game. Everything that could have gone wrong did in Phoenix. Yet I still loved every minute of it. It is a really nice event and I would strongly recommend it to anyone. Hope I will be there next year.

In other upcoming events, there are still openings in my classes at Squam, including the Color class, the one that everybody begs for and tells me is life changing. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating that life changing part, but you should see the way it changes how you paint! And that Klimt class, ah, working on Claybord, lovelovelove. In the way of Klimt, lovelovelove. Consider joining us at Squam. 

And Artfest anyone?? Start your apps people, it is almost time and what a lineup, probably the best I have ever seen. I have a little bit of crazy regret that I am teaching the whole time (how lucky is that!?!) cause I would sooooo take lots of the classes. If only there were more hours in each day. And more days in each week.......

Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat.


  1. Like a little bee flitting around all the flowers in your life, you just keep buzzing, MB!!!

  2. Yes dear...breathe!!! Sounds exhilarating!!! And busy!!! And now I am exhausted just listening to you. Ha! Enjoy it all !!

  3. you almost make me want to come to artfest....and i love what a shower curtain can be used for :)

  4. I am so looking forward to both your classes ~ and seeing you! ~ next month. And love the painting you've posted here...makes me want to work in blues & greens.... That is if I myself could find time to break away from the making-a-living thing and let the paint fly!


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