Thursday, June 30, 2011

Heating up for Encausticamp

I've been painting a lot with encaustics as I prepare to leave for Encausticamp. Yeah, I know, that's a little crazy since I'm heading out there to learn about encaustics, why do I need to 'pre' study. What can I say, I consider myself a newbie with this medium and I just can't seem to get enough right now.
I will be taking classes from Michelle Belto, Judy Wise and Bridgette Guerzon Mills. Should be a fabulous experience.

I'm traveling with my friend Julie and we are so compatible in our ways. We are flying out early to spend a little extra time in Portland being tourists since we have never been there before. If anyone has suggested 'must see' places, just let me know, ok? We plan to catch up with Dayna, a friend from Artfest and I bet she knows some great spots, but the more the merrier.

And oh!! The 5th edition of The Pulse comes comes out this Saturday, with posts also on Sunday and Monday. Thereafter you can look for weekly posts every Sunday.  I have put a link over on my sidebar so you can easily click over to it. I submitted some material but I'm not sure when mine will be published. I'll let you know.


  1. Since you are going to be in Salem, go to the Hallie Ford Museum to see the amazing show by Seattle artist Ross Palmer Beecher. You can she her work on the web but seeing the collection in person is so inspiring. She does assemblages using metal "stitched" together with wire. Let me know how you like if you go.

  2. Thanks for getting the word out about The Pulse!

  3. Sounds exciting!!

  4. I have lived in Portland for 20 years. Wish I could show you all the sites!

    But, of course, Powell's Books, Saturday Market (If you come on the weekend).

    NW 23rd has fun and funky boutiques. NE Alberta is more edgy but there are some great finds there as well, including a collage supply store, (Aptly named "collage".)and a cool fabric store called Bolt. and some art galleries.

    Or, for a more quiet day, a walk in Forest Park.

    Hope you enjoy our city! We love it a lot. :)


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