Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Studio

You may recall I sublet a studio for the summer. Yes, I do already have a studio in my home, so this is an indulgence to say the least. I felt I needed time away - time to percolate new ideas, push myself in fresh directions. Time when I am not be lulled into laundry and other nagging chores around the house. Time to take risks with my art.
 'My' space is in the back, see the glow coming from the doors? It is part of a larger space, shared by several artists, only one whom I have met thus far. The common workshop (shown here) is filled with power tools and has a fabulous ceiling that allows light (and heat, I might add) to pour into the space.
When you walk through 'my' doors, this is what you see. Swoon, double swoon. I adore this place. So spacious and spare. I brought canvasses, paint, brushes. That is it. Everything else belongs to the true owner of the space, lucky lucky man that he is, painting in Paris for a couple months.
This is where I am working. See those canvasses leaning against the white wall in the back? They are 30x40. Now you see what I mean about size. Of course I am still working 'small', ha, ha as evidenced by the ones on the wall. Big is coming soon though.
It feels so expansive with amazing energy - something I can't quite put my finger on, but it is all good. I'm headed out there right now.


  1. What a great space to create in. And those large!

  2. super jealous, but GOOD 4 YOU!! congrats and best wishes!! i would love an outside studio + BIG canvas...can't wait to see your work from there

  3. That looks absolutely divine!!

  4. How fabulous, Mary Beth! Can't wait to see what you'll create in that studio!

  5. What a space and what a great opportunity you've given yourself and your art. Looking forward to seeing when you tackle the really big one as this space seems to demand!

  6. Ohhh drooling over your studio space. I have a great studio in my home but laundry, dust and "Mom, there's nothing to eat" are constant distractions.

  7. This is yummy beyond belief!!!!!!! Have fun in there, girl!

  8. I love your new space. I have a feeling alot of good stuff is going to be created there. Can't wait to see!


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