Saturday, February 25, 2012

Feeble is as Feeble does

My memory gets worse and worse all the time. Good grief. I have vague recollections of things, like I know I was involved at some level, but I can't remember when or how. Of course you know the Drama Queen exaggerates, but I have noticed certain, ahem, failures in memory.
This fabulous pouch for example......
Yesterday I received a package in the mail. Smartly wrapped, it contained this beautifully made pouch. It is soft linen which has been silk screened with cool designs. Fully lined, the pouch was clearly  made by a very good seamstress, not an amateur like me. It's just the sort of thing a person who calls herself StencilGirl would love. 
But I didn't order it? Or did I? Hmmmm, I searched my 'stuff I order' folder and yes, I really do have a folder with that name. Searched Paypal for money sent. Found nary a record.
But wait......I have some fuzzy memory of entering my name in a contest, perhaps an online magazine - oh my gosh, it is coming back to me, Covet Garden?? I think I might have won this, woo hoo!!!
All I know is that I reallyreally like this pouch. I believe it will travel with me because it makes me happy, being made out of two of my favorite colors with patterns I completely dig. 
Check out this website to see all the products made by bookhou. They must be pretty cool peeps and I suspect I might like them. I do know I like their stuff, that is for sure and no, they didn't ask me to write this, I just wanted to.
In the meantime, I gotta anyone else out there losing their memory????


  1. I just checked out their website, and I love their textiles! Congratulations on winning something so cool, whether you remembered entering a drawing or not! Now, what was I saying?

  2. Ummm. who are you?

  3. Oh my gosh, I am!! And I must admit, I did the very same thing last year when I (must have) won a Giveaway! It seems I am making an easy transition into senility...!

  4. your funny :)
    congrats on winning the giveaway
    thanks for your post

  5. Just did the same thing when I won Jill Berry's book from Lisa Engelbrecht. I'd totally forgotten I'd entered. Don't you LOVE sweet surprises!?! Congrats. It's really nice!

  6. Karyl1:37 PM

    Who are you? Oh, wait! I remember! :-)


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