Sunday, June 03, 2012

Progression of the Chair

When I last left you, I was working feverishly to finish the chair before the June 2nd unveiling event. My chair was just one of 23 chairs that would be shown to the public that night and I certainly didn't want to be the 'late' way!
After completing the background on the bottom part of the chair, I decided to look at some of my 'papers' - these being papers I had created from the Client's materials. I considered upholstering (that is how I came to think of this collage - the upper half of the piece. In the end, I determined that I wanted the entire chair to be covered with the background paper I had made, so I finished that portion of the collage.
Whew, I got the background done. The photo above shows my consideration of the Logo pieces as creating a striped design element. And just in the nick of time (before gluing) my eagle eye noticed that the logo had a definite orientation. Thank goodness I saw that! So I made sure the Logos were facing the right way as they moved around the chair.
I call this "audition of the plaid." The pattern was created by repeated use of the QR code and this quickly became my favorite part of the chair - it just looked so cool. You probably also notice that I had to put some circles on the chair, using the StencilGirl Bubble stencil. You know I couldn't do this without using a stencils, ha!!!
Stay tuned for the final result in a couple of days........


  1. amazing job! the creative thought and work that has gone into this huge project just blows me away!

  2. i love this! (and pssstt - your webinar was wonderful the other day!)


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