Friday, July 06, 2012

Painting and painting

Now that I am back from France I have a rare break in the action that is called my life. This means I need to paint like a crazy woman in order to have enough art ready for the St. Louis Art Fair. Thankfully, painting is pretty much what I always want to do so I am happy as the proverbial clam and really, how do we know clams are happy? Could be the simplicity of their life although I am totally making that up as I have no idea if their lives are simple or not.

Here are two of the pieces finished. They are each 24x24.
I also finished some blue green works too. The top one is the one that Jasper accidentally jumped on and had his claws sunk into its upper edge. He also completely coated his belly with paint, purple not being such a great look on a gray cat.

I can't remember the size of these. The top one is smallish, say 12x16, the bottom one 18x24. For this batch, John accidentally stepped on the bottom one. How it happened I can only imagine but good golly, do I have extra challenges or what!??! He had mylar stuck on his foot (from a stencil) and it was imbedded into the piece. Such if my life.
As you can see, this new series is circles. Again. I can't get enough of them. I want to do a bunch of different colors and I hope they hang together. I am having a great time playing with new techniques and pushing my vision of circles.
ps....the black corners is an artistic border, not actually part of the painting - these will be framed in black floating frames


  1. Love them, and the new direction of your painting, such great depth. I'm thinking these are going to look wonderful in the floating black frames and are going to hang beautifully together. Really enjoying your art experimentations :-)

  2. Linda E7:31 PM

    i love these, MB! wowa.

  3. nice work. you should call it the circle of life.


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