Thursday, May 30, 2013

Arts In Context : Woman

Once upon a time there was a girl who made art.....
this was filmed in 2003 or 2004, I can't even remember, but I know we hadn't lived in St. Louis very long. The Producer, Dutch Rall, came out to my house by himself with his HD camera and that was all new stuff back then.
I always wondered what happened because I never heard anything further......

Watch Woman on PBS. See more from KLRU.
My feature doesn't show up until at least half way through, but watch the whole thing cause it is awesome. 


  1. Lovely interview, Mary Beth!
    I love your story, and you are so articulate in sharing that story!

  2. You have taken many many steps sne then ! Awesome ones ! Good tings come to those who paint !
    Brava !

  3. That was awesome Mary Beth! So glad this little treasure has come out of hiding. Very inspirational!

  4. That was just so good, heart felt and a real inspiration!

  5. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Your vulnerability and true love of your art shines through beautifully in this piece.....xox

  6. that was so wonderful! I can't believe I don't get to see you this year. :dislike: You are the most patient and warm art teacher I've had the pleasure of taking a workshop with. It was good to hear your voice!
    Linda Esterley

  7. What a wonderful piece, Mary Beth. I loved hearing your story of how you followed your heart and found your passion. And now we all get to benefit from your pursuit of your dream through your inspiring artwork, writing and instruction.


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