Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pam Carriker Stamps!

It is a lot of fun having friends who develop products, especially when they share. Naturally I was thrilled when Pam Carriker asked if I wanted to play with some of her new stamps. 
Well, duh!??!
I got to pick the stamps I wanted to use which was a pretty hard decision in and of itself because I like them all. Geez......
I decided to go with these two, which I picked because they fall into a category I call
"the great integrators" 
a phrase I use for stamps and stencils that add that little bit of 
sumpin' sumpin' to our pieces.
Thoughts of Courage stamp by Pam Carriker    (you can buy it HERE)

Sketched Background stamp by Pam Carriker    (you can buy it HERE)

 I like both of these stamps quite a bit and know I will be reaching for them again and again because they definitely add a little extra bit of interest to my art.
 So, here's what I made......first of all, I picked a substrate and I will admit to a wee bit of cheating on this part cause I have an enormous box of sample boards from classes and such. Things that are already started but need to be finished. I just grabbed one at random. 
In this case, it was a small Claybord that had been prepared with collage circles surrounded by carving. Plus Wood Icing texture created with a stencil and also with a palette knife.
I selected my materials - Porfolio Oil Pastels, Derwent Inktense Pencils, and two colors of paint, Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna. Plus White of course. I randomly worked a bit of color into the carved and textured areas. 
The composition looked a bit spare to me, so I decided to add some collage elements, basically more things in a circle motif, using Wholey paper I got when I was at Random Arts. This stuff is really cool. I glued it down with Regular Gel Medium, underneath and on top of the collage elements. 
And then I started painting, mixing the 2 paints together to create nice neutral colors, lots of white. I smeared the white into the Portfolio (that's the green part) and rubbed it with my finger. 
With the Inktense pencil, I dipped it straight into my water and 'painted' directly onto the circles at the top, er, that is now the bottom as I flipped the piece, those brown parts.
And finally I used the stamps to add accents with paint and a Staz-On ink pad. Along the bottom, I used Sketched Background with white paint. Then I used Thoughts of Courage around the circle area, wiping away in certain areas so it looked like it was both behind and on top of the composition. 
See what I mean? Great Integrators!!!
Well done, Pam.
You can check out all of Pam's stamps HERE. 
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  1. Like the colours, like the composition and like the stamps used and must get hold of some of that wholey paper

  2. What a gorgeous painting, Mary Beth! I love these samps by Pam! Wow!

  3. Whew MB! That is wonderful. I love the overlaps and the repeats! Nice outcome. Pam's stamps really add nice texture. I have to get me some of those! xo

  4. I love how the stamp looks with paint- then the writing flowing up - wow! I need to go shopping...:)

  5. Love it ! And love Integrators as well. You and Pam rock the stencil/stamp world, Lady !

  6. I just ordered these same two stamps because I love the way you incorporated them into your painting. I like these because they have an "open interpretation." Always admire your work Mary Beth and one of my favorite books is your, "Flavor for Mixed Media."

  7. Love, love, love what you did here Mary Beth! Thank you for the inspiring post and beautiful work. Always a pleasure to see your creative mind at work.

  8. Oh yes, MB... extremely cool. Circles, holey paper, paints... love.

  9. i love what you did with the stamps. this is a wonderful piece.

  10. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Oh another really nice piece Mary Beth. Pam picked the right friend to demonstrate how good this all looks together. xox

  11. I absolutely LOVE Pam's new Thoughts of Courage Stamp and I absolutely LOVE how you used it, especially since you put it vertical instead of horizontal!

  12. MaryBeth- as always- I love your colors and the way you used Pam's stencils- beauteous!

  13. Love love love this piece. Really great! Pam's stamps are great.

  14. no surprise, of course you did an awesome job with pams stamps and i would sure love to win. i love you both. wishing and hoping. xoox

  15. this is a great composition and i especially like how you used the Thoughts of Courage stamp. it's well placed and the brown ink gives a nice soft look.

  16. Your work just knocks me out. Love your colors and composition. Thanks for the chance to win these great stencils.

  17. Your work just knocks me out. Love your colors and composition. Thanks for the chance to win these great stencils.

  18. Love what you did with these awesome stamps. Everyones art is so different & is amazing. These stamps are amazing & im going to have to get some as theres quite a few that look like fabulous layer stamps, definetly must haves,

  19. such wonderful textures you'v achieved with all these materials, beautiful! I love Pam's new stencils!


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