Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Curmudgeon

Confession time. 
I am a Christmas Curmudgeon this year. 
I think part of it stems from the fact that I have been crazy busy, and this is my first chance at 'down' time, whatever that might be. I have an idea I would like it - down time - ya know? The pace of life has become a tad unmanageable or is it just me? Is everyone spinning along with me?

So the Curmudgeon thing, what's up with that....
I haven't decorated.
Now this (the lack of decoration) relates to the fact we were having work done on the house. It is hard to get whipped up about Christmas decorations when you have cases of wood planks covering the living room floor, when power tools are strewn throughout the dining room, when stencils supplies have over run other parts of the house and when all members of the household have tiny pieces of Mylar stuck to their shoes and fur. My husband is like the Pigpen character except instead of a cloud of dust, he is surrounded by a cloud of scrap Mylar.
I am working on the house, room by room, compelled to get this done; ok, I am obsessive. 
My office is finished - here are some snippets......
it is organized for the most part. There is expansion room, for books naturally, hahaha. I now know where my things are. It feels girly and pretty and soothing and calm. I absolutely love how it turned out. All that I am lacking is the slip cover for my easy chair (not shown here due to ugly factor), necessary because my cherished kitties have ripped the crap out of the upholstery, an unsavory byproduct of cats with claws that sometimes occurs in spite of all our best efforts with cat scratching toys, towers, etc. Ugh, those little critters (Jasper, I know it was you), good thing I love them so much. And lucky for me, I actually like the look of slipcovers.
The Curmudgeon hasn't made Cookies.
I always make cookies. Perhaps I will kick into gear next week? Grandma's Thumbprints are whispering to me.
The Curmudgeon has however bought gifts. 
Yes, I have managed to get that done, thank goodness for the Internet. As much as I prefer to support local stores, I simply didn't have time for 'the hunt.' It was easier and quicker to do a quick search and the ole One Click.
How are all of you doing this Christmas?
Any other Curmudgeons out there?
In other news, I have updated my Workshop page......if you wonder where I am going to be in 2014, check it out. 


  1. Looks great and somewhat Christmassy...just enjoy. See you when the fuss is over. Have a good one.

  2. Christmas is a state of mind & heart, so you don't decorate this Christmas so what? Your office looks wonderful, enjoy the season as it comes :-)

  3. Your studio looks great! I hear you on those pesky cat claws! Good thing we love them!


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