Monday, February 17, 2014

Do you have Attitude?

I have Attitude, do you?
Craft Attitude, that is!
I have been curious about this product for over a year (!) and just recently had a chance to try it out. In case you are wondering exactly what Craft Attitude is.......well, it is a paper that has a fancy schmancy coating on it so you can run it through your ink jet printer. And then, it will bond to any surface - and I do mean B-O-N-D, as in molecularly, it is not a transfer or a sticker, it really becomes part of the surface.
There are tons of super cool applications for three dimensional products and I do think I want to try that some day, imagine one of my abstract paintings on a box or a purse or belt or ? 
But this time, I simply worked in my journal, to see how it would perform flat.
First thing I did was select several photos that I wanted in my journal. I laid them out in Photoshop so they would print on one page of Craft Attitude.
See that telephone pole picture and the electrical wires? That is one I had selected and I cut it out and put it in position on my page. I used a couple stencils, Segments, by Michelle Ward and Net , which is one of mine. The picture below shows how I removed the image and then layered the stencils before applying the paint.
I worked a bit more on other parts of the page and used two other photos I had also printed on the Craft Attitude. After I was satisfied with the look I created, I used a Glue Stick to adhere the images to my pages. And wow, it was done. 
How easy is that! I love that transparent look, where you can see the photos but also see the painted parts underneath. It is really nice to be able to move these journal pieces around and 'audition' them for different parts of the page. I also love how the Craft Attitude blends so seamlessly with the page.
This is a final picture of the 2 page spread, 3 pictures total, the b+w in the lower left, the xoxo and the pole. I definitely see myself using the Craft Attitude again. Specifically, I want to print out images of some of my other journal pages and art pieces so I can re-purpose them in my art. 
Cool stuff indeed.
Check out the Craft Attitude Facebook page HERE to see lots of other ideas.


  1. That is so funny you just tried it out. I have it and have been playing with it also. I printed one of my paintings on it (using the digital file) and then adhered to a support and painted more on it and gel coated. It gives a very cool look! Glad to see your ideas for it also. Happy Painting!

  2. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Oh something fun to run through the printer with your own digitally altered photos, hmmm, the possibilities, off to check it out. Thanks Mary Beth! xox

  3. so is it the scrapbooking attitude you are printing on????

  4. or i guess it's just ONE product with multiple uses????

  5. I love this stuff!!!! what you did with it!

  6. I love what you've done here!

  7. Thanks for that...I'll be looking for a supplier. Great work!

  8. Interesting. Never heard of it before. Will have to check it out. Love your compositions.

  9. That's so cool Mary Beth! I love the tool and the process and your outcome/product is beautiful as well! So much talent and positive energy! Hugs, Sanna

  10. I love all the stencils they are gorgeous

  11. Thank you SO much for this info on this product Craft Attitude! I bookked marked the page. LOVE you work Mary Beth. We have several shops with your art in them. Calloway Garden in Pine mountain is one of my FAVs. They have a butterfly garden (inside) where they grow butterflies. YOU would LOVE it!


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