Wednesday, January 07, 2015

A New Year is like a Mulligan

It's a do-over. Not that last year was bad, on the contrary, it was quite good. But turning the page always energizes me. Tomorrow I am headed out to CHA to teach and also do a Demo for my publisher. After I return I hope (fingers crossed) to be more regular with my blog communication. 
And my painting! Yesyesyes, she says, I will get my body of work back this year!!!!

In the meantime, I will leave you with these journal pages. 

These were done with Pam Carriker's ink, gesso and Golden High Flow Acrylic, dispensed from a needle point applicator. 
I envision them as inspiration for enormous works that fill a wall. 


  1. How I love your palette! Great pages.

  2. Please take a photo of that wall when it's filled with this series -- it's going to be wonderful, I can tell already!

  3. Wonderful! Love the earthy colors mixed with white! (I seem to crave white these days.) I'm new to your work and found you via the Facebook Artist Challenge. Looking forward to browsing your blog. :)


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