Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Give STL Day

Each year The Great St. Louis Community Foundation sponsors "Give STL Day", which highlights a singular 24 hour period when donations may be made to a variety of worthy non-profit organizations and funneled through the Foundation. Of course you can donate all year round, but big shout outs build energy and are exciting. 
I find the hardest part is deciding how to divy up my cash. 
This year, my top three:

Art Saint Louis - the group I first met when I moved here from San Francisco. They accepted two of my pieces into a juried show right off the bat; I made friends; I got involved: I watched them struggle and then get back on their feet; my friend Robin has worked there forever and she is good people. They are a class act. 

Chesterfield Arts - another organization I met after moving here. I was so stupidly bold I carried my art into their gallery (unsolicited) and somehow landed a 4 person show, complete with a radio interview, oh be still my heart. I have taught here for pay and taught here for free. I have volunteered in projects, donated works for auction and they even made me a "Visionary Artist in 2012, wow oh wow. They are in the midst of a big reorganization and really need money. 

St. Louis Teacher's Recycle Center - my "go-to" spot for inspiration and class supplies, this group collects all sorts of recycled material and organizes them for re-use. I never fail to find cool things to share with my students. Love them.

So yeah(!) all three of these groups need money, there is just never enough to go around and I watch them struggle to find enough volunteers, equipment, supplies, you name it - non profit work is hard!
I am blessed with a successful business and am happy to give to others to help out.
Hope you might consider it too?


  1. Hi Mary Beth - Thanks for putting your cash where your art is!

  2. Worthy causes all! Good on you.


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