Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Graffiti Girl

I love street art and graffiti so much; if I weren’t afraid of heights (!) and getting arrested (!) I might venture out onto the streets myself, ha!! Truly though, I can’t wait to share some very loose techniques with you. I firmly believe that my best art is made when I can get my brain to move out of the way and create from a more intuitive place, allowing my hand(s) to move freely.

In these videos, I have chosen to use a geometric theme of triangles. If you don’t resonate with triangles, please pick another geometric figure that resonates with you; perhaps you want to work with circles or squares or hexagons, whatever pleases you is the right thing.

Try to work with the flow of the project without editing yourself. Be messy. Allow the drips to happen and feel free to play. Disengage from the outcome.

Most of all enjoy!!!

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