Friday, September 29, 2006

I am headed to Peoria. You know the drill; if you're in the area, come see me!

It has been a wild week, exhilarating in many ways since I have my painting mojo back. Consequently I have been working literally non-stop in some insane fit of energy that I cannot even begin to explain. Can you say 16 hour days? All because I have to deliver a gallery show on 10/05 which is right around the corner. I do believe I finally have the pieces done though and I am happy with them.

But inventory for the art fairs is not good. I tried my best to make some more work this week but I was really focused on the gallery stuff. I did manage to make some 6x6's but that was about it. I desperately need to make some 12x12's. This one sold already at Plaza and I had to ship it to the new owner. I left it hanging on the wall with a sold sign which instantly puts a magic spell on any piece because the minute I mark it "sold" everyone wants to buy it. I could have sold this one probably 5 times last weekend, it was pretty funny. Like when I got engaged and guys who never knew I existed suddenly started hitting on me. As if the presence of a ring was some endorsement or validation. Same thing with the sold signs. Yeesh.

Be what you wish to seem copyright MB Shaw 2006


  1. love the "sold" piece...i would have wanted to buy it to. i think it's the colors.

    hope you have a good show in peoria!


  2. maybe i should read what i write before i hit "post." i mean, seriously, to/two/too is my all time grammar pet peeve and in my comment i was so quick to be witty i completely peeved my own self. of course it should be "i would have wanted to buy it too."

    forgive me...

  3. Where is your gallery showing going to be?

    Love your quote!


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