Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Daily Om

It's a good one today, about hopes and dreams and whispers from the Universe. Check it out here. Lovely ideas for contemplation.

I always whisper to the Universe, sometimes in the most insignificant ways. For instance, all last week I was thinking about the sale and how I would be furnished with an 8 foot table and 2 panel walls. I am so used to the tent that I can basically hang a display in my sleep. But a table, hmmm, what to do with that!?!?

I pulled out my tablecloths (that being a gross exaggeration as they are really old hunks of mismatched black cloth) and naturally I didn't have one long enough to cover an 8 ft. expanse. I sure didn't want to spend a lot of money or really any money for that matter. As the week went on and I pondered this dilemma, I decided I would just wing it with my black cloth. But naturally I kept rolling it around in my head, obsessing really, about how it would be so much nicer to find a sleek tablecloth, something simple yet classy.

On Friday, that would be Friday the day before the sale, I happened to be in Walmart, a place I rarely shop. Desperation had set in as I was searching for drapery hooks and had already been to a couple stores with no success. I was right in front of a Walmart and didn't feel like driving around any more.
So I entered, with trepidation. Truth be known I am a little scared in Walmart. They just have too much merchandise piled up everywhere and the old claims adjuster in me imagines things flying off the shelves and hitting me in the head. It would be so awful to die a slow death smothered by bags of Pepperidge farm stuffing mix.
Wandering around the store in an aimless stupor, I stumbled across a pile of fabric items, some packaged, some not. Draperies, placemats, tablecloths. And that is when I found it, the perfect tablecloth. Long enough for an 8 foot table. Colors perfectly coordinated with my art. Classy and sleek like a seal; I just loved it.
And the best part; it was on clearance for $5.
I think I am going to get to work on those life dreams now.


  1. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Well said! Hugs, Shari

  2. Anonymous1:50 PM

    dear stupified former claims adjuster. snaps on the table refinery. i sure hope you weren't shopping at the get-yourself-carjacked & shot-at Maplewood Wal-Star-Mart (Jake used to call it that--there's a star between Wal & Mart). Dang, it's downright dangerous to go shopping in St. Louis these days! Fights at the Galleria, hold-up at the Dove Mall, shots fired at Walmart. I'm sticking to online shopping. . . or hiring a bodyguard. Your pal, Robin.

  3. Anonymous5:21 PM

    There are way too many of us now that are too scared to shop at Wal-mart.....what is happening in this world ???? But hey, you got a great deal and came out alive...BONUS !!!! BETH :)


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