Wednesday, December 06, 2006

6 Things

My friend Share-air-ree, share-ee, bay-bee.......tagged me to do this 6 things deal. Supposed to be 6 weird things about myself. Eeeck!

1. I don’t like onions but I enjoy onion rings. In some perverse way, this inconsistency defines me.

2. I am superstitious and always wear my “lucky dragon” earrings the day I am setting up a show.

3. When eating waffles (a rare occurrence), I start in the middle and eat outwards. I don’t like the edges and leave them on the plate. I once did this at a business breakfast (back in my corporate life) and my boss found it hilarious, said it looked like a dog had eaten my food.

4. I hate to drive. Or better said, I hate driving in traffic; I actually enjoy open road sort of travels, especially at high speeds. But if I won the lottery (a really big lottery), I would hire a chauffeur.

5. My toes function almost like fingers in that they can easily pick things up and turn faucets on and off (if in the tub).

6. I can hang the bowl of a spoon off my nose and hold the position long enough to amuse my dinner companions.


  1. These made me laugh, MB! I gotta see those dragon earrings. :)
    Hugs, Shari

  2. patti said...
    Mary Beth; thank you for being kind. It was actually very simple as I don't have any wonderful booth set up. I only do 1 show a year thus far, so I can't justify the cost of an expensive set up. Perhaps someday when I am not teaching full time and I can go back to the old days of the craft fair circuit. I used to do it for a batik company I worked for in the 80's. I enjoy your blog by the way and your writing. I bet you are really fun to be with. Patti/Pootie

    PS love your talents, hahaha

  3. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Oh my gosh, you and my mother share the same spoon talent!




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