Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Good stories & a Good Contest

On Monday night the guys (that being Bud & John) were going to the Tap Room to an event held by River Styx, a literary magazine of international acclaim (at least that's what their website says). I basically invited myself (I am good at that) because I thought it would be fun to hear the winners of the Micro Short Fiction contest. And, who's kidding who, I wanted Fish & Chips for dinner along with a nice Schlafly Scotch Ale.

What a great evening. The stories were happysademotionalfunnyweirdthoughtprovoking, not all at the same time of course. We heard some wonderful young writers - am I showing my age here - share their material and it made me wish I had paid better attention during creative writing class. Or that I had developed a more regular discipline with my writing so that I could use words more effectively. I mean these folks cast a spell!

The evening also included a NanoFiction contest. I think Micro was supposed to be 500 words or less and Nano was 25(!!!) words or less. Everyone at the event was invited to participate. Bud had told me about it in advance so I worked on my story before we went. It is hard to write a story in 25 words. Character, plot, conflict, resolution. Hmmm, it all started coming back to me as I worked except I needed WAY more verbiage. Here's what I submitted. It did not win (or even place for that matter) but I still liked my story.

Best Unfulfilled
Merlyn sleeps, sun fueling his dreams. An opportunistic rodent races across his belly undetected but for a turd path of evidence. And one abashed feline.

We have never had a contest here at the Common Denominator before. So it's damn well time, don't you think?

I hereby challenge any interested reader to write a 25 word or less(not including title) work of fiction. Submit it via a comment on my blog along with your email address. If you are uncomfortable being "public" about it, send me an email. But I reserve the right to put any fun stories on my blog plus I will be glad to link you up if you want.

I will consult with a team of experts consisting of me, John and the cats, and we will pick a winner on 3/15. There will be a cool prize. It will involve my art. But of course you knew that. You will want to win. Trust me it will be way better that the Pickled Okra that River Styx gave away. No lie.

So get started already. I can't wait to see what folks do.......


  1. Well, with that team of experts to judge, how can I decline to participate?!?! It's like my teacher says, "You have to get into shows with celebrity jurors". This qualifies!! Hugs, Shari

  2. The Wastebasket

    She sensed calamity. The final mark on the paper was not enough;
    ceremoniously she slid her canvas into the non-judgemental synthetic world.

    Lou McCulloch

  3. only two days

    five o'clock on friday evening is the most joyous hour of the week.

    dawn, sunday morning, signals the beginning of the end.

  4. Good to see you back!

    Oh boy, I have to join in on this fun, but have to wait until tonight to do it. :)

    I hope you enjoy the Beth Orton. If you ever are interested in music, let me know and I will make a sampler for you of some of my fave pieces. Right now my car has eaten 5 of my CDs.....and won't spit them out. GRRRRRR.


  5. I can't write very well!! I thought this would be fun to try something new, thanx for the challenge :)

    She fled with just her dress and stockings, snow clinging to the bottom of her dress like weights. The life she knew, was gone~

  6. forgot the title :)

    Sleeping On Snow~

  7. fun !!!!

    In The Dark

    She was a dreamer
    a dancer
    have you seen her
    she's on her toes
    for her heart
    beat again

  8. oooops.....

    it should be....

    for her heart TO beat again

  9. Can we submit more then one ???

    If so great, if not...I think I like this one better then my first one.

    Do I know you

    Her life was simple

    Her mind was difficult

    She often wondered
    if the two
    of them
    had ever met

  10. what a great idea!
    xox~kim(friend of seaside dreamer)
    "eyes wide shut"
    a child is born
    but taken away..
    a girl grows up
    but never learns
    a woman wonders why
    but never finds answers..
    eyes wide shut...


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