Monday, March 26, 2007

Yesterday we attended Grape Arts, the yearly fund raiser for Art Saint Louis, of which I am an active member.
I am happy to report they served the caramelized bacon again, woo hoo. Obsessive girl had been talking about this bacon ever since last year, so my friends kept bringing me pieces of it and I believe I might have ate an entire pound. Along with my champagne.
My donated collage painting, Not my God, generated wild bidding, a "war" of sorts among a couple of my collectors and some other folks who I suppose just liked the piece. It was thrilling for me to actually see people fighting over my work, in a friendly way of course. I had an opportunity to talk to some of the bidders who had questions about my motivation for making this collage. The guys who eventually won the piece came over and hugged me (how sweet!) and promised to come see me at an upcoming show. They were adorable; I love it when my art finds a good home.
I even bought a piece, a collage on book cover by Baby Smith, who is a friend of my friend Robin. I don't know Baby personally as she apparently moved to LA before I moved here from SF, but her work is wonderfully smart.

I am afraid I was a little obnoxious in my efforts to win this piece....ugh, how embarrassing...You see, I have trouble with the mind games/power plays of an auction. Last year I lost a piece in the final minutes because I simply didn't have the _______ (balls, nerve, stamina - insert word of choice) to endure the endgame. At the time, I joked that my friend Claire wouldn't have lost the auction.
Well, Claire was with me yesterday. And, after seeing my distress at the idea of losing this piece, she suggested a strategy and coached me accordingly.
After a couple rounds of play, I was ready. When the opposing bidder walked up to put her new bid on the form. I pulled myself up to my full 5'0"(actually a little taller as I had on a low heel), threw my shoulders back and tried to assume a persona of power. I looked her straight in the eyes, never wavering and announced sweetly, "I am going to win this piece." At which point the girl dropped the pencil and simply walked away.
Geez, I felt so guilty about my blatant display of greed. I swear I had to stop myself from running after her groveling about how I am not normally like this.
And that, art fans, is how I won this faboo little piece that is now proudly on display in my office.


  1. Bacon is my comfort food. I ate some last night. But carmelized bacon?? What is THAT?????!!! Right now I could use a triple decker bacon sandwhich slathered in mayo. I am soooo PMS'd. Have a great time in the Port Townsend area. I LOVE IT. My friend Pamelas Hastings lives there (look her up online..) I hope to go there this summer. Heading off to San Fran monday morning for a few days of R and R. Grrr...xxxpatti/pootie

  2. AHA! The devil emerges! Sometimes you have to play dirty to win an auction piece. LOL! Who knew you had it in you? By the way, I would have fought over your piece, "Not My God." Amazing.



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