Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Keeping the faith

We are back home.

The show ended up being just fine. Quite honestly, I expected more, especially for my 1st art fair of the season, I wanted to come out blazing. Meaning I expected to make more money. It sounds so commercial to say that, but I do earn my living this way. The Art biz is the only business I know where it seems kind of "dirty" to talk about earning money; where the starving artist is honored while the financially successful artist (think Thomas Kincaid) is derided.

It seems that many people think an artist has "sold out" if they make money. That we are somehow pandering if we produce art that people want to buy. Art Fair artists especially get a bad rap when compared to artists featured in museums and galleries. I have had some snobbish types infer that my art is even on a lower level. I think about this a lot because I try to keep a foot in both camps. I am passionate about my work and want to be respected for what I produce, not just my ability to generate an income. I do not believe these things are mutually exclusive.

That being said, I was rejected from a show I really wanted. It is a local University exhibit showcasing 4 artists. I entered my new abstract series. The work means so much to me I am kind of babying it, trying to introduce the pieces in the appropriate venue. I thought this show would be perfect so I gave it my best shot.

I am bummed but I will try again. Because that's what I do. And I have faith I will eventually find the perfect place to launch my new work.


  1. Don't worry about the show. That just means it was not right for your new work, and something better lies ahead for you. I am a firm believe in that.

    Read my blog, you have been tagged. You don't have to play...I am not insulted. I did realize how much I CAN'T tell the general public, hahaha. Evil laugh.

    Talk more later, xxxxxxpatti

  2. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Don't lose faith! Your work is wonderful, and I'm really excited to see your new abstracts. It will click when the time is right.


  3. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Often, those who take issues with an artist "selling out" are those who are too afraid to sell their own work or they do not feel their work would sell, due to the quality.

    I am sorry to hear about the art show. I love your abstracts and I am sure the perfect venue for them to show.

  4. You said this so perfectly, Mary Beth. And your new abstacts are worthy of babying - they're wonderful and you WILL find just the right venue to showcase them. To everyone else who passed, it's their loss! Hugs, Shari


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