Monday, May 14, 2007

Of artists and jugglers

I am at Belleville this weekend, Art on the Square. If you are anywhere near the St. Louis area, consider coming out. The Art Fair Sourcebook ranks this show as #5 best in the country. There is always a dispute as to which reference book is "right" but it doesn't really matter - the show is way up there on all the lists and I am thrilled beyond belief to be part of it. I am working my tush off this week so I have exciting new art in my booth.

I've been writing a lot of new phrases that I think are funny yet also thought- provoking. And images, do I have images!?!?! Many fun and hilarious photos. I can't wait to share them. Plus my brand new line of giclees are ready. They are bigger than ever before and offered at very reasonable prices. The last post (Wear it like you mean it) is one of them. It is an 8x8 mounted in a 14x14 mat priced at $35 plus $5 for shipping (US only). Just email me if you happen to be interested.

Along with working on new art and finalizing these repros, I am still busy entering shows for the fall plus considering a possible teaching gig. Add to that the new series, some other juried competitions, new ideas popping up all the time......I could go on and on....bottom line, I have quite a few balls up in the air. My friend Shari and I were talking about a juggling analogy recently and I told her I feel that I have about 8 balls in the air right now yet I can only effectively juggle 3 or 4. She laughed that she felt like she was also juggling a couple knives which totally cracked me up because it's so true.

My brother is in town for a few days and he visited my studio this morning. He was looking at all the art; on the wall; on the floor; in boxes; pieces in progress; works waiting to be varnished; commissions in lay out. I stepped out of the room a moment and returned to find him laughing and just shaking his head. I asked what was so funny and he said, "this is a lot of work......I bet you give more hours than you did when you were in insurance."

Well duh.

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  1. LOL... but what ever would we do if not juggle? I fear I might actually be forced to work at a "real" job, and that would be like doing nothing at all. How terribly boring! Hugs, Shari


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