Friday, September 21, 2007

In all the hullabaloo of my brother's injury, I forgot to post pictures of my abstract show at Third Floor Gallery. My friend Bud Hirsch took this amazing shot the other night. Obviously, it's not a curved wall, but I love this artistic effect!
I am also happy to report brother Chris is doing well and was released from the hospital today. His re-attached finger has been healing better than expected, same with his thumb. He was fitted for a splint (which he will wear for 3 months) and Mom & Dad drove him back to Memphis. I headed home to St. Louis and took only one break (or is that brake) for an antique mall in Burnt Prairie, IL, where I got some cool stuff that will make its new home in collages.
And did you know that, in a pinch, mouthwash will cut through petrified bug debris on the windshield?

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