Tuesday, September 18, 2007

In the family way

No, not that way! Geez, I'm too old.

I only have a minute to write because I am sitting in the Hampton Inn computer room. I'm here in Louisville, KY camped just 2 blocks from a world class hand center/Jewish Hospital. I am so sad to say my middle brother suffered a horrible accident with a table saw this past weekend. After no appropriate treatment was located in Memphis (where he lives) he was airlifted to Louisville where he had surgery on a severed middle finger (successful re-attachment) and an extremely damaged thumb. Other fingers were also injured but not so seriously.

At any rate, I found out on Sunday and my gut just flipped upside down. This is one of the worst things about living far away from family. I just wanted to be with him and to be with my Mom and Dad; I knew I had to come. So, my scheduled being flexible and all, I am staying here for a few days to be his "advocate" in medical matters. My parents will replace me on Thurs. and then hopefully drive him back down to Memphis on Friday, assuming he is released then.

He is healing well thus far but it is just way too early to know what kind of functionality he will have. I would appreciate any positive healing thoughts you can offer.

Normal programming will return sometime soon.


  1. My positive, healing thoughts are and have been on their way to you... Hugs, Shari

  2. Good thoughts are being sent your way. I hope your brother is one of those medical miracles and recovers above and beyond what the doctors are thinking right now !!!

  3. No, No! This is awful, MB, but thank goodness you are able to be there for your brother. I have always been fearful of table saws, and learning of this accident makes me even more so. I send wishes for his speedy recovery!



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