Friday, October 12, 2007

Just call me Sybil

Today's Daily Om talks about the various voices living inside us and how to handle conflict. You can click over there if you want to read the article. I had to chuckle though because it suggests you call a "meeting" within your psyche by meditating or journaling.

Wow, what fun would that be? Just imagine the early morning conversation........

Ruth(responsible mother) - eat your fiber cereal
Mynah(whiny child) - but I want peanut butter m+m's
Gypsy(bohemian artist) - oh shit, I accidentally put my paint brush in my coffee mug

Wasn't my second divorce prompted by this type of behavior?


  1. I had some of young Arthur's chocolate Cap'n Crunch last month when we were visiting & overnight with our dearling family-of-choice (if you haven't met Arthur, or his mom Marina, I know you've met his pa, Kurt, at our place in SF). Fiber, chocolate-covered-sugar-bomb goodness, and I'm set for another 25 or 30 years!


    It's time for a long catch-up phonecall soon, I'll try you tomorrow (Sat. Dec 1). *hugs!*

    Love the colorways your art is moving into.

  2. LOL... I like Gypsy!! Did I tell you I tried to call you using my TV remote the other day!?!? Hugs, Shari


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