Monday, October 01, 2007

Still nerdy after all these years

Well, here we are, me and my friends, at our reunion on Saturday. We met up early to have a drink and catch up on each other's lives before the big event. And wow, does everybody look good or what!?!? I mean seriously. I thought we were all too cute and holding together quite well.
That's Linda on the left, then Autumn, me and Jennifer on the far right. We are spread out across the country - Seattle, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Orlando. I can't even remember the last time we might have been together, perhaps one of my weddings (!) or Autumn's most likely? Who knows, but it was sure easy to fall right back in friendship with these gals. We had a fun time and talked of doing a girl trip one day soon. I would really love to see that happen.
The reunion itself was pretty uneventful. I was bummed that people I had expected to attend weren't there. Many of "our crowd" didn't come, probably since most have moved away. But I did catch up with childhood friends from the old neighborhood and music buddies from Choir and Orchestra. Plus we got to be snarky about some of the popular people who weren't holding together like we might have guessed. Meeeooooowww.
Then, a funny thing happened late in the evening. We had been mingling for hours and our feet were whining in their high heels so we sat down at the table for literally the first time all night. As we talked among ourselves, an obviously drunk guy sloshed over (we later found out he was a reunion crasher, how pitiful is that?). He wore a skin tight Rolling Stones t-shirt and a Puka bead necklace from the 70's. His hair was long, his smile missing a front tooth or two, I tried not to look that close. He leaned over our table and declared, "So what is this, a meeting of the chess club!?!?!"
And that is when we knew, that despite our successes, new clothes, great jewelry, manicured nails, somewhat trim (ha!) bodies, we somehow still radiate nerdiness. It must go to our core. And you know what, we all just laughed and laughed because today we can finally embrace it with pride.

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  1. Sometimes a "drunk" hits the bullseye, huh?
    If anyone knows how to embrace herself, it is surely you.
    I'm glad you had fun. And by the way, you don't look a day over 30!



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