Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Board Game Class

Between Christmas and New Years, I taught a board game class at Chesterfield Arts to a group of children, ages 1st-4th grade. I swear my presence wasn't needed in the classroom; kids that age are so darn creative. I simply showed them the supplies, let them look at my sample, and poof! they were off and running. Within about 90 minutes, they all had playable games and were fighting as to which one to start first.
And this is one of the reasons I love teaching kids. They are so uninhibited with their art. Their brains have not yet been infiltrated with the so called "rules." They remember how to Play with abandon and the big ole fear issue is never an issue (yes, I got the lesson). With adults, it's always - how are we supposed to do this - am I doing it the right way - what do I do next - etc, etc, etc. Don't get me wrong, I do believe in step by step guidance when appropriate, but I just totally dig it when students (of any age) bust out and do their own thing.
I am teaching another version of this class for older teens and adults. It starts on Feb 14th (I'll bring some candy!) and runs for 4 weeks from 6-8:30. The extra sessions will allow us to explore more in depth collage techniques plus we will have time to paint sections and develop the concept further. Should be a lot of fun. See the link at the side of my blog for more information.


  1. I've been waiting for these pictures! It looks like you (and they) had just the best time!! Hugs, Shari

  2. Anonymous8:36 AM

    hey you, I totally forgot to tell you that J & A had a great time in your class & J made me play his game w/him on his b'day. I had A do some of the 'tricks' for me, such as walk backwards & run around a table. Very fun. Very cute idea!
    -RH you know who


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